In the clip for the moving song “Version 02”, Ewa Farna meets her younger self

Ewa Farna definitely doesn’t rest during her second pregnancy. In addition to moderating Sunday’s live broadcasts, SuperStar is diligently signing physical copies of its new album “Umami”, which was released on December 2, but we can only listen to it in digital form from this Friday (December 10). As part of the promotion, he releases a third single from the album, “Version 02”, and with it an accompanying video clip. He succeeded excessively. According to the Czech Nightingale poll, the current Singer of the Year makes no secret of the fact that it was her most expensive and laborious visual so far, and you can really tell by the result. “Version 02” is definitely one of the best that Ewin’s fifth Czech series has to offer. The performer wrote for her younger selves, filled with great vocals, in which it pulsates beautifully electronically in the chorus. The successful, adult text also excels with a funny allusion to her very first single “Did you like me at all”.

“It’s an adult Ewa meeting her little, thirteen-year-old version. I was wondering if that teenage Ewa would be a friend with me, if I didn’t become someone she didn’t understand at all. If I still act in accordance with my childhood dreams “I think having contact with our inner child, with our child’s self, is important and keeps us in being in the freest and truest form,” tells the story of the song. The video, created for almost half a year, accompanies us with a dream that the singer has on her way by train. In the dream train, she runs after a tiny figure that still escapes her. In the individual wagons through which it runs, there are, among other things, small televisions playing footage of her youth. The girl in the blue sweatshirt finally catches up and together we find out that she is her younger version. They hug each other for a long time and the viewer will hardly touch. An idea simple but damn effective. After the weaker “No no”, Ewa Farna offered a really great music video.