In the new clip, Post Malone calls for saving the nightlife

American rapper, singer and music producer Post Malone is one of the biggest stars in contemporary pop music. His songs are played by music stations around the world, and tens of millions of fans listen to him on streaming platforms. But now Post Malone has come up with something different and new. He joined the worldwide initiative, which was founded by the Jägermeister brand. Throughout the pandemic, the initiative has supported (and still is) artists around the world. These were singers, musicians, rappers, fashion designers and many others. Simply, all those who make up the nightlife subculture have lost the opportunity to perform or create in general. Twenty-six-year-old Austin Richard Post, as his civilian name sounds, joined Save The Night in the fall of 2021. In a clip aptly titled “Night Lights,” he talks about the need to restore energy to nightlife. “We worked hard to take those moments back. Let’s keep them forever.” tells Post Malone in the video. As part of “Night Lights”, fans will hear the rapper’s song “I’m Gonna Be”, which was watched by more than fourteen million Internet users on the artist’s official YouTube channel alone. In the song, Post Malone says that we should all appreciate the gift of life and that we should all realize how short it is. Therefore, according to him, he will do what he wants, when he wants and how he wants. There is also now an exclusive Jägermeister bottle on the market. Thanks to her, they will go to the Save The Night fund again and will be ready for the necessary maintenance and functioning of the nightlife. The bottle with a special design is available at, so fans can support what they like and at the same time enjoy the ice-frozen Jägermeister. Save The Night has saved dozens, if not hundreds, of artists around the world. Thanks to Jägermeister, the fund supported them and offered a helping hand at a time when they could not perform. Currently, you can see dozens of projects on the website, which, thanks to the initiative, could continue to operate and did not end up in a drawer of production tables. Within the support of Czech artists, these were, for example, projects by Czech Grand Design holder Jan Černý or DJ and producer NobodyListen.