Insania will bring “GRRRotesky” from Brno

After thirty years of activity, the Brno Insania can be considered not only as a fixture of the domestic guitar scene, but also with regard to its stylish progress, as a band that can respond with dignity to current trends and internal creative tensions of its members. The creative culmination of their efforts in 2017 was the album “In the beginning there was spam”, which presented the quartet in an unusually accessible electro-rock coat decorated with verbal equilibristic by frontman Poly, whose island and a collar around his neck could evoke associations with the Preacher from Garth Ennis comic book workshop .

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The upcoming new album “GRRRotesky” is already drawing clearly from the world of comics, at least in terms of its naming and visual processing. “The concept of the recording plays with the grotesqueness of historical events, the visual is conceived as a gangsta version of the grotesques of the 1920s, and the title of the album is a combination of two emotions – amusement and anger, expressed by the comic book ‘GRRR’,” presents the collection, which is now scheduled for release on February 25, Poly. Kolárek kept it, but his teammates exchanged militant costumes with squirts for jackets, vests, ties and hats. Exactly in the spirit of the elegant Al Capone-era roughnecks. However, neither promo photos nor music this time lack exaggeration, insight and self-irony, as has become customary with Insania. This is evident from the names of songs such as “Narva your testosterone elsewhere”, “Ses embarrassed” or “Let’s go to hell”. “But we’re going even further this time,” Poly warns that otherwise “GRRRotesky” should stylishly follow its predecessor, ie it builds on strong metal rhythms, complemented by a strong electro-synthesizer track. The album will be the first to represent the single “Vytěsňuju” accompanied by a music video, certainly not the last. At the end of February, “GRRRotesky” will be released on CD by Smile Music, and in May, LP and MC will carry the media. After all, in how to pack their art, the Insania fighters are also champions. The proof is their “Heretic’s cancional or Insania between heaven and hell” or a set of illustrated lyrics by the band, for the multimedia expansion of which she recently managed to raise more than the target 120,000 crowns in a crowdfunding campaign. The band will support the release of the album with the GRRRotesky Tour concert line-up in February, for which the main part can logically be expected to perform at home on February 26 at Fléda, where the album novelty will be duly christened. If you can’t wait for the new collection, you can pre-order it now at Sparkshop. In addition to the CD, you can buy black or limited red vinyl, a T-shirt, or various variants in cost-effective combos.