Interview With Cristina Donà: “I Let Time Flow And Bring Me The Answers”

want is the new album by Cristina Donà, published on December 3, 2021. The release of the album was anticipated by release of individuals Wish e Guilt. Also, during the summer tour 2021 the artist previewed some songs from the album live.

With want, Cristina Donà returns to the music scene after a long period of absence, which lasted seven years. The album, which saw the light of day thanks to a successful campaign by crowdfunding, contains 10 songs written before the pandemic with the exception of the song Without gun or sword. Below you can read the tracklist of the album:

01 Distracted
02 Guilt
03 Countdown
04 Wish
05 Like when trees talk to each other
06 Come back
07 Without gun or sword
08 Beyond
09 The autumn
10 Credits

On the occasion of the release of want, We reached Cristina Donà to talk about his musical comeback but above all about his new record. Here’s what he told us: happy reading!

Interview with Cristina Donà

Hi Cristina, welcome back on All Music Italia.
On December 3, 2021 the new album was released want, which marks your return to the musical scene 7 years after the previous unreleased album. Why this long absence?

I let time go by and bring me the answers to the questions that have surfaced over the years slowly and in a disordered way. I took the liberty to enter into relationships with projects by other artists that I respect and that I quote gladly because they have fueled my experience and therefore my music: Isabella Ragonese for “Italia Numbers”, Massimo Cotto for “Rock Bazar”, “Sea Songs ”the water songs by and with Cristiano Calcagnile and a group of incredible musicians,“ Love that you come, Love that you go. Fabrizio De Andrè: women and other stories ”a concert on the female figures of the De Andrè universe together with the crème of international jazz.

A record and a tour with the friend and wonderful voice Ginevra Di Marco and finally “Perpendicular” with the extraordinary dancer choreographer Daniele Ninarello. In addition to the record of the twentieth anniversary of Tregua “Tregua 1997-2017 Stelle Buone” released in 2017.

I wasn’t exactly idle, I continued to work expressing myself through different ways than the more usual one of a personal record.

want was born thanks to a campaign by crowdfunding. To be independent and to feel free artistically, it is necessary to resort to crowdfunding? What does it mean to make music today?

It means recognizing the positive news and being aware that new passages must be opened in a moment of sudden and continuous changes like this one. It means contributing to giving value and biodiversity to music. It means making more effort than before to offer oneself but also having powerful means, such as the network, available. It should mean being able to express oneself freely.

Crowdfunding is an extraordinary means, now established in every sector, which allows the artist to act freely and people to support a project they believe in. The management is articulated and complex but has a great driving force.

I actually met him when we made the album with Ginevra, always supported by crowdfunding.

The disc opens with Distracted, which is a sort of denunciation against today’s world, the distraction in which we live perpetually, consumerism, neglect for the planet and for others. One verse reads: “This version of me has no future“. What are the important things that we have forgotten or are we neglecting? In your opinion, is there no hope of reversing the course?

In other moments in history, human beings have found themselves having to deal with the “extremes” in the uses and consumption of a society, but never as in this moment, due to an unconscious or reckless use of technology and to the very high number of inhabitants on the planet, the risk is to suffocate under our own garbage, physical and moral.

Part of the problem is that we have no intention of giving up on comfort. We need to review our agendas, our priorities. I struggle a lot, but slowly I’m trying to focus on everyday habits to bring improvements, even slight but constant. I don’t know what are the important things that we have overlooked but I know for sure that we take for granted many that are not: water, gas, the car, the heating, a lot of clothes and useless objects.

Perhaps we have forgotten that everything is connected, that we are not alone and that each of our actions has consequences. Turning around or finding a new way of living is possible, we have to try, we owe it to our children.

Countdown is freely inspired by a story contained in the book “In every sense, like love”By the writer Simona Vinci. How was the song born? Also, since the countdown is a waiting time before something, is there something that Cristina Donà is counting down for?

Simona is an incredible writer. His way of narrating uncomfortable, difficult, painful realities is highly poetic and this characteristic of his has deeply affected me. The song was born from two suggestions: one is in Simona’s story “The courtyard”, included in the book you mentioned, where a girl, from the balcony, notices a man who every day, at a certain time, passes by and stops at look into the courtyard of the house where she lives, as if she had forgotten or was looking for something.

The other is linked to a phrase written down by me “Every ten thoughts there is her that you miss”. I wanted to exasperate the concept of waiting, of repetition, of that way of flowing from one hundred to zero that are our lives, or more simply some experiences of existence, which always have a beginning and an end.

My countdown? I have a lot of pending things to solve and therefore a lot of turned hourglasses and just as many to turn. If you want an example: find time to redecorate your house.

Then there is Wish, which recalls the title want and states the theme of the whole album. The word desire means “starlessness”. Is there something that Cristina Donà is missing today? What does Cristina Donà want today for herself as a woman and as an artist?

I want to be a good example of a human being. I really miss some people dear to me who are no longer there. I often lack the time.

Cristina Donà

The fifth piece of want is Like when trees talk to each other. It is a song with a particular title that tells an equally particular and unfortunately dramatic story, which really happened. Do you want to talk about it?

The song tells a story that touched me when I was in the first year of the Brera Academy of Fine Arts and concerns a fourth year student and her boyfriend who decided to take their own life together.

According to what was reported to us by our professor at the time, very attached to the student in question, it seems that their love story was at a crossroads and that they preferred to make it last forever by making an extreme gesture. I don’t know why but she came back to my thoughts a few years ago and I decided to let her in.

The breath of trees is something that we cannot hear, but it exists, as there are obviously reasons that lead people to make choices that are incomprehensible to us but which exist in their world. The breath of the trees helped me to lighten a painful tale.

Without gun or sword it is the only song written during the first lockdown in the spring of 2020. The song is a sort of your testimony of the massacre caused by the virus. Do you want to tell us about this song? And you want to tell us how you lived the lockdown?

Very bad. Val Seriana, in winter-spring 2020, was one of the places most affected by the virus in the world. Many people have died in terrifying ways, left alone, suffocated in their beds. Greet in the hospital through a telephone. The responsibility lies not only with the virus but with the mismanagement of the pandemic in a region where public health has been plundered for at least twenty years. There was the missing red zone of Alzano and Nembro and many other missteps. Investigations are underway on all this.

On the other hand, I think it is sacrosanct to remember the extraordinary work of doctors, nurses, health personnel who gave their lives and their hearts in a moment of apocalyptic chaos.

We have come to the end of this interview. Before we say goodbye, there is something else you would definitely like to say about your new album want?

Yes, I absolutely want to underline the extraordinary work of Saverio Lanza, who arranged, played and produced this album. It is the third that we do together and all three sound profoundly different and this highlights his enormous versatility and preparation. And I also want to remember how important it is to have an incredible entourage like mine close to me, starting with my manager Gianni Cicchi.

Thanks for this interview and the next one, always on All Music Italia.

Cristina Donà

Photo by Francesca Sara Cauli