INTERVIEWS: Emma Smetana And Jordan Haj – We Live And Work Well Together. It Looks Like A Common Record

Emmy Smetana and Jordan Haje have met several times in the current single “By Now”. The musicians, who, in addition to their work, have a long-term relationship and two children, will try to succeed with him in the national round of Eurovision. “In recent years, the competition has pleasantly surprised us,” admit in an interview.

The recently released single “By Now” is your singing collaboration several times. Is Emma & Jordan becoming an established brand in the music world that you will continue to build on in the future?

Emma: That’s not how we thought about it. (laughter) We simply live and work together, we create all the songs together. And the fact that we both sing in some is basically a coincidence. But it’s true that the number of duets is increasing, so it looks like a joint record sometime in the spring. Jordan: The long-term agenda of our family brand is, as everyone knows, the production of quality children, songs, clips and moderations. We now plan to open a fashion division and a tour desk. (laughter)

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How do your joint concerts work? Is it difficult to invent their dramaturgy to satisfy the preferences of all visitors?

Emma: Not at all. Together we have over twenty songs and we put the playlists together with the band just before the concert. According to your mood. Visitors then eventually applaud the allowances, so the preference of the majority is probably satisfied. (laughter)

Jordan: I’ve been present at Emma’s concerts since the release of her debut album. One of the first and at the same time the most accepted singles in the audience was the joint “No Fire”, so I went to sing it. Then other common songs were added. And when Givinar Cross couldn’t, I jumped for him playing guitar. But in addition, I usually hung around the local sound engineers at individual events, looked over their shoulder and suggested how we would like it to sound exactly from the stage. And when I started releasing individual solo singles last year, I also borrowed the band and the space during the concert. That I would already receive news in a concert performance among people.

Would you say that there is more interest in joint work among listeners than in your solo repertoires?
Emma: Hard to say. At concerts, we feel that the fans enjoy it all. When I’m alone with the band, when only Jordan is with her, even though we stand there and sing both. But it is true that, for example, Europe 2 has so far put all our common songs and only some solos in our playlist. We don’t know if there’s any clear logic behind this. But of course, whatever is played on the big radio has a much bigger impact on potential listeners, so we’re very happy about that.


Together, you also got involved in the national round of Eurovision. How did you find yourself in it – was it your initiative or did someone address you?

Emma: People from Czech Television have been talking to us about it for a few years, but we have never been able to send anything there. For a long time we were not sure that this was the right way for us. But this year we decided to try it, because getting our music outside the Czech Republic would just be great. And also because Eurovision has repeatedly pleasantly surprised us in recent years, including what kind of music the Czechia sent there. We would be very pleased to defend the national colors at the international finals in Italy. Anyone who would like to help us in this can vote for us web or through the Eurovision application.

Emma Smetana and Jordan Haj
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Until a few years ago, Eurovision had a reputation for showing bizarre variety shows rather than serious competitions. After the success of Mikolas Josef or Lake Malawi, this perception may have changed a bit. How do you view song fights with a history dating back to the 1950s?

Emma: Exactly as you described it now, Josef. Jordan: I have a slightly different relationship, influenced by Israel, where I grew up and where it’s one of the biggest cultural events every year. They love it because they have won it several times. For them, it means that dream of belonging to Europe so much.

If you ignore yourself, would you find one of your national round colleagues to keep your fingers crossed?

Emma: Definitely! These are all professionally done productions and none of them would embarrass the Czech Republic on the Eurovision stage. So it’s just about what’s closer to someone according to his personal taste.


“Pop has been moving in the Czech Republic for some time in a direction we are very happy about,” Jordan Europe 2 quoted. How would you define this direction and who specifically represents it for you?

Jordan: Actually, so do we. (laughter) And of course many other colleagues. But the efforts of the performers have not changed so much, they have always been here, rather the number of platforms to show up is expanding. Of course, this is mainly due to the Internet, but traditional media such as television and mainstream radio do not want to lag far behind trends. This opens the door for progressive performers – even where they wouldn’t cut them recently because it would be people certainly not taken. This increases the scope for otherness. And this, of course, increases the motivation for the performers. The basic circumstance, such as the fact that someone who dresses and presents himself as Adam Pavlovčin is not too much for being in the Superstar final is something that inspires me. Hope in terms of what will be considered mainstream here in a while.

Emma Smetana and Jordan Haj

They are inseparable not only in their personal lives as parents of daughters Lennon Marlene and Ariel Avy, but also in their music. Emma Smetana, a journalist and political scientist, began her solo career with the single “Waiting” in 2015. The following year, she released her warmly received debut album “What I’ve Done”, produced by Jiří Burian and co-produced by Jordan Haj. . Following the success of the duo “No Fire”, both performers recorded other joint singles “Lost and Found” or “Dream On” in the following years.

Haj, who has previously become known with his indie rock band Peter Pan Complex, started a solo career last year with the singles “The End Of The World” or “Perfect President”. He is also a sought-after video director and part of Burian’s parody project Captain Demo. With the current collaboration “By Now”, Smetana and Haj are running for the position of Czech representative for the Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

You have been creating with producer Jiří Burian and yours for a long time team Givinar Kříž also belongs inseparably. Are you considering inviting someone else into the creative process?

Emma: One hundred percent. In the context of artistic and personal development, it is important not to close and not to avoid change. All the more so because there are many skilled people around us with whom fresh air and new inspiration come. And this also applies in the band. We play in different sets, depending on who ever can. And if it’s Givi (Givinar Kříž – editor’s note) performs with Captain Dem or cooks somewhere, so Petr Škarohlíd from Hentai Corporation is playing with us. I think it’s a genius!

Emma Smetana and Jordan Haj
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You have said that you would like to go on a European tour next year. Do you already have specific dates and places agreed?

Emma: We haven’t agreed on anything yet. (laughter) But we mean it and we are already looking forward to it. Jordan: Emička means it and I’m looking forward to coming up with it, calling it and talking.

Emma, ​​in some of the last singles, in addition to English, we also hear one of your native languages ​​- French. Are you planning any activities together in French-speaking countries?

Emma: We certainly won’t miss France or Belgium on this European tour. And Switzerland is actually almost on its way! Jordan: I believe that even in the francophone world, there will be clubs the size of Café V lese, which we can fill with fifty compatriots and their local thirty francophone friends.

Do you have a dream place, anywhere in the world that you would like to play once?

Emma: Hollywood Bowl. The only place from which the Beatles released a live concert on the record. Jordan: Colors of Ostrava. This is no joke, I know, I’ve played there with Captain Dem, but not for myself or for us yet. And I love the local atmosphere, I flew to the festival from Israel in the summer to see Uncle Jura to Frýdek-Místek, and it was a defining musical experience for me. Can anyone take care of Zlatá Holušová? (laughter) And for example, the concert of the young, then not so well-known Glen Hansard with his band at the time was a very strong impression for me. Givi and I were sixteen and we just dreamed of a music career.


In the introduction to our talk, you mentioned that you might release a joint album. Will the fans see your solo albums in the near future?

Emma: We are planning a joint record for spring. And each of us’ solo albums will follow. It just turns out that it all takes longer than we and the fans would like. So thank you very much for your patience and we promise that when it is, it will be worth it. But the current goal is clear – Eurovision. So, with permission, I will repeat the opportunity to vote for us and thank you very much in advance for any support! 67088

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