Jabra Elite 85t, at the top of audio quality and noise cancellation

Jabra is an audio firm that has been accompanying us with products for all needs for a long time, we recommend that you take a look at our previous analyzes to get an idea. This time we are going to meet with one of the most “premium” products of all that Jabra has manufactured to date.

The Jabra Elite 85t headphones stand up to Apple and Sony alternatives without any complexities. Discover with us these Jabra Elite 85t in this in-depth analysis of their audio quality and noise cancellation, are you going to miss it? Certainly not.

Design and materials: Sense more than aesthetics

Jabra, despite standing out for the strength and quality of assembly of its products, it is not that it has always been famous for a particularly aesthetic design. This nature is again reflected in the Jabra Elite 85t, headphones that are far from being the most aesthetic on the market. In general they are quite large and thick, and do not stand out for being especially light. In this case, we have tried the edition that combines black and copper tones in the main details. However, everything is measured at Jabra.

  • Dimensions
    • Auriculares: 23,2 x 18,6 x 16,2 mm
    • Case: 64.8 x 41 x 28.2 mm
  • Weight
    • Headphones: 6.9 grams each
    • Case: 43.7 grams each

Its design is designed to fit in our ear and rest on it. In general, they are comfortable for users who do not “reject” in-ear headphones. However, I must confess that I am uncomfortable not with these headphones in particular, but all those in this format, which is not going to negatively affect our analysis either. In this way, in short, we come to the conclusion that these Jabra Elite 85t are not exactly headphones that will shine for their spectacular design, but for their build quality and ergonomics.

Connectivity and application

These Jabra Elite 85t have Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, which will help us to make automatic wireless connections as soon as we take them out of the case. In this section, the operation is what can be expected from the firm. We have a transmission codec SBC for music in “universalized” format and we move on to AAC Apple’s own for when we use a Mac, iPhone or iPad. Similarly, the headphones are widely compatible with all kinds of devices.

  • App para iOS > ENLACE
  • App para Android > ENLACE

The application, which we have previously tested in other reviews, is quite a plus. Through Jabra Sound+, available for both iOS and Android, you will be able to customize many parameters of the headphones that will make your experience more complete. This application is a perfect companion that will allow us to adjust five effective levels of noise cancellation, as well as the HearTrhoug To reduce wind noise, choose the voice assistant, the possibility to search for our headphones and especially the updates are available on the App (in our video you can see it in action).

Audio quality

The Jabra Elite 85t are a fairly well done job in terms of True Wireless (TWS) headphones, where we found true aberrations, not so in our review. It stays at the same level as the rest of its competitors in the market when it comes to price range, of course, that is the least that can be expected.

  • Medium and high: We find a good representation of this type of frequencies, with the ability to alternate between one and the other, dynamism and above all fidelity with respect to the sound emitted. The voices of the singers in our tests with Artic Monkeys and Queen have been correctly reproduced.
  • Low: In this case, Jabra may have been overly “commercial” by offering remarkably enhanced bass, it is true that they are most enjoyed in some current commercial music, but they go too far into the content when we switch to rock.

In any case, this aforementioned negative point of enhanced bass can be overcome by making adjustments to the equalizer of the application. It is missing perhaps that they had opted for the audio something more “demanding” with the aptX codec.

As for the phone calls, These headphones have shown a good development of the interlocutions, we have verified that we not only hear well, but also hear us quite clearly, despite the situations of wind and external noise that are solved brilliantly.

Noise cancellation and autonomy

Regarding noise cancellation, it should be noted that I found it quite good and perhaps we could place it among the five best noise cancellations of True Wireless devices. HearThrough mode It meets the requirements, although it is true that it does not reach the level of competitors with AirPods Pro-style “transparency” mode, but it solves it in a remarkable way. For a regular use, its noise cancellation is more than enough and it fulfills at least what it promises.

  • With Qi wireless charging

Regarding autonomy, the firm promises us more than five hours of music playback continued in case we have noise cancellation always on. However, autonomy is defined by much more than that, the volume at which we are reproducing the content is going to make this battery vary, and the reality is that in our tests we have obtained those five hours that Jabra promises. To fully charge them, we will need about two if we only charge the headphones through the case, while charging all the devices takes about 40 more minutes. In the definitive aspect of autonomy the Jabra 85t are a product more than enough.

Editor’s opinion

These Jabra Elite 85t that you can buy on Amazon from 229 euros They are a high-performance product that looks directly at the competition. They deliver what they promise, without a doubt, but they still lack the addition of being a particularly aesthetic product, which can make some users rethink their purchase. The price is high, but on the other hand, the sound quality is extremely good, as well as its noise cancellation.

Elite 85t

  • Editor’s rating
  • 4.5 star rating


  • Portability (size / weight)

Pros and cons


  • Spectacular audio quality
  • One of the best ANC on the market
  • Great autonomy


  • Low risk design
  • I miss more support