Jan Burian returned to his chamber lyric at “Night Dance”

Last year, the singer Jan Burian bounced back from his solo career and recorded the album “První láska” with a more rock sound with the Jan Burian Band. With this year’s album “Night Dance”, however, he returns to his comfortable zone of intimate folk, where he accompanies his singing only by playing the piano.


Jan Burian – Night Dance

Released: 3.12.2021
Total time: 36:04

Tracks: Age, To Portugal, Ghosts, Night dance, My darkness, First love, Fourth, Inflagrants, Night and day, Dead end, Torment, Excursion in a madhouse, Don’t say, Betrayal of scholars, How to grow old?

Publisher: Galen

Jan Burian has a specific style and expression and this has been preserved in the novelty. He likes to repeat the main motives of aging, love and the joys of everyday life, which are more or less included in every song. If he wants to give a stronger emphasis to a message, he simply repeats the verse. Burian writes simply, but there are distinctive poetics and sincerity in his manuscript, which are perhaps his strongest point.

Two songs from the previous album “První láska” also appear on “Night Dance”. The title page and then “Night and Day”. Both belonged to the backbone pieces of the more rock record, and the author apparently had the desire to release them with a more intimate arrangement. Especially “First Love” is a really beautiful nostalgic ballad and even a simple piano accompaniment suits her and reveals its pure power. In the same way, Burian reworked several songs from the electronically tinted more experimental studio film “Another Time” from 2015, including the one that gave this year’s name its name. A funny successful escape to the homeland “To Portugal”, which may not have excelled so much in the electronic ballast of the time, underwent a very successful transformation. Of the brand new ones, the introductory playful “Age” and ingenious reflection on the importance of the unspoken words “Don’t say” will captivate you. Jan Burian returned to his most intimate face on “Night Dance”. In the 3bees studio, he recorded a very intimate collection with his own vision of the world in a fragile arrangement and with a smaller dose of humor than we are used to with a distinctive musician. The only thing that freezes is the fact that the strongest moments have been taken over by previously released songs, which impress the listeners more intensely than the completely fresh ones.