Jimi Hendrix and his hatred of his album covers

Jimi Hendrix is ​​still a legend, but little was known, until now, about his hatred of the album covers he released.

Jimi Hendrix is ​​still a legend, but little was known, until now, about his hatred of the album covers he released. It all started in ’67, when it was published Are You Experienced . The cover photo featured Jimi in a cape and with open arms over Noel Redding and Mitch Mitchell.

Bruce Fleming, the author of the image, admits that he tried to capture the wild side of the trio’s music and strike a totally different image to capture the corresponding alchemy. He has even stated that “I thought Jimi had the ability to fly and that’s what I tried to express”.

The bad thing is that Hendrix declared that “I look like a fairy” and influenced to change the cover of the disc for its edition in the United States. Karl Ferris was in charge of making the new image that pleased the guitarist the most. In addition, he took an image that was retouched by Roger Law for the cover of Axis: bold as love. Jimi stated that “when I saw the picture for the first time I loved it, but then I thought it would have been better to put an American Indian. In fact, none of the three of us had anything to do with that image.

For the cover of Electric Ladyland The first idea came from Linda McCartney who wanted to photograph Jimi at the statue dedicated to Alice in Wonderland in Central Park. There would also be some children playing. The idea was scrapped and Ferris included a photo of Hendrix performing live. However, in England an image with 19 naked women was included that Jimi did not like either.

«I had no idea a different cover was going to be released in England, but I find it incredible that the photographer has managed to make some of the models look pretty ugly when they are not. It has distorted the image too much. End Calvary with Band of Gypsys on the cover of which Jimi appears playing live.

He himself declared that “I would never have used that image, the record was not good, the songs are out of tune and we released the record because we owed it to the record company.” The UK cover featured puppets of Bob Dylan and Brian Jones among others, almost considered an offense that had to be corrected immediately.

Thus, it is confirmed that Hendrix was an esthete and a superlative musician who not only took care of playing the guitar. Long live the titan from Seattle.

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