John Wolfhooker in the clip for “Singularity” struggles with his emotional self

Talented pigeons from John Wolfhooker are doing well. They are constantly moving forward, proving that they belong to the best that the Czech scene has to offer in this rank. They were newly drafted by the Warner Music label and they immediately released a new single “Singularity”. He returns to the roots of the group to some extent, but at the same time it is a return in a more modern and harder coat. The song will take us into the future. The original idea of ​​the text about the inner conversation with your emotional Alreadywhich, whether you like it or not, has the upper hand over the rational one, and we simply have to learn to live with it. The future also shows the tag “626”, which the gentlemen called the new song. And those who can keep track until the end will find out that they are preparing an EP that will bear this very name. The clip was traditionally taken care of by drummer Adrian Janeček and Alexandra Hrašková from FEROproduction, who this time invited the singer Pam Rabbit to help with the direction and script. Valentina Tran took on the main role of the robot. As a representative of modern technology, she will take into her hands (of course against his will) the life of the formation’s singer Martin Čupka in the role of a car mechanic from the near future. “Mato is in the video for a car mechanic, which is a paradox like a deer having to head a hunting association,” the rest of the group laughs. “‘Singularity’ is about warning that machines are slowly but rapidly beginning to rule us, ‘Skynet’ 1: 1 scenario is already happening,” the band refers with exaggeration to the famous film series. As for its future, if it continues at a pace what a song, the next level, we have something to look forward to. The vocal variability, which does not lack the famous screaming, how Filip Maťa is good at singing well, but also the tension or how John Wolfhooker can deliver the song, set how they can sound dirty, raw, hard, is simply unique. On the clip side, this is their most sophisticated work and Maťo, as a sexy car mechanic, is also not completely to be thrown away …