Johnny Cash’s musical legacy on the anniversary of his birth

Since he was little he was passionate about music, By the age of 12 he had composed songs that already revealed his talent. However, they were never a wealthy family that could give themselves all the tastes, because at the age of three they had to move with their parents and siblings to a neighborhood where they had the opportunity to work. This is how When he turned 5, Cash began helping in cotton fields, sharing the time with their loved ones while they sang.

The truth is that Johnny Cash was not always known as such, but Since he was little he was JR Cash because his parents did not decide what name to give him but they longed for it to have those initials. So, he grew up being JR until he was entered the United States Air Force when they didn’t allow it to be initialized, so chose to name himself John R. Cash. Later he would become Johnny, when music completely took over his life.

The beginnings of Johnny Cash and the Tennessee Three

The Korean War was the time when He was sent with the air force to Europe to fulfill his role as a transcriber of Russian communications and tried to decipher the Morse code. On the trip he began a friendship with different companions and there were six who conformaron The Landsberg Barbarians, who managed to publish only one song which they titled Hey Porter.

Hey Porter!

In 1953 the war ended so returned to their home country to the city of Memphis, where he began to work because he still did not see the possibility of making a living from music there. In addition, I had three children with his wife at the time, Vivian Liberto, so he had to bring income to his home. However, in the intervals of work he found the possibility of returning to his passion thanks The Tennessee Three, with whom they gave small concerts until they found their first record company which was Sun Records and thanks to which they met Elvis Presley, for whom they opened at one of their shows.

The Country music was what the trio did, that recorded his single Cry, Cry, Cry in 1955. However, later Johnny Cash decided to give himself completely to music and quit his job so he began to be a soloist, because three years after the song with the group, he released his first album titled Johnny Cash with his hot and blue guitar. Time after signed with Columbia Records and later with American Recording.

Cry! Cry! Cry!

Just Johnny Cash

It was in the 60s when he presented the aforementioned Folsom prison blues and when began to offer tours of the country and different concerts, which made him spend most of his time away from home. In addition, all the maelstrom made him addicted to both alcohol and drugs, mainly amphetamines that he used to “stay active.” All these factors culminated in divorce from his wife.

Johnny Cash – Folsom Prison Blues – Live at San Quentin (Good sound quality)

After their separation found solace in June Carter, friend who after sharing tours became his new wife with whom he had a son. Her helped the singer overcome his addictions. Just the year they decided to get married, 1968, Cash won a grammy award that he valued his music. By the 70’s it was still a success, so much so that it reached give a concert at the White House for President Nixon.

johnny y june.jpg

In addition to his great musical style that was country, he not only dedicated himself to that but also had an approach to rock, reggae when he recorded Redemption Song with Joe Strummer written by Bob Marley. Also cHe sang songs by The Beatles like In my life or One by U2, among others.

His big hits they can stand out Man in Black, the álbumes Highwayman y Water From the wells of home o la Reversal of the Hurt theme by Nine Inch Nails, which gave him the opportunity to win the awards of MTV Video Music Awards in 2003 and Grammy for best music video in 2004Although the latter did not get to receive it since recurrent problems of pneumonia ended up weakening his body.

Johnny Cash – Hurt (Official Music Video)

However, still after his death, different albums have been released that his record company released to continue Cash’s legacy and that will linger in his memory. Is that American Recording released a series of compilations of the singer on the album Unearthed, later with American V: A Hundred Highways Y American VI: Ain’t no grave. The first of the latter two immediately took the top spot on the Billboard 200 chart.

Goodbye june

Johnny Cash y June they have always been in love and they were very companions between one and the other throughout their lives. So much that at the time of leaving this world they did not manage to stay apart and they did it almost at the same time, with only a few months away. It is that they were 35 years they spent together, and at age 73 June passed away on May 15, 2003 as a result of a complicated open heart operation.

Thus, Johnny tried to continue with his life as he did, still composing and making music when he was diagnosed with the different pathologies that his body suffered. However, after 4 months, On September 12, 2003, he chose to reunite with his wife with her breathing stopped due to diabetes at Baptist Hospital in Nashville. Both are side by side at Hendersonville Memory Gardens Cemetery in Tennessee.