Jovine in the single, Rock and roll, his passions from Marley to Pino Daniele

Jovine contaminates Rock and roll with Reggae in the new single Rock and Roll published in recent days with distribution Artist First.

The song comes later Come Lebron James, song that saw her collaborate with The Zero, and continues his journey of exploration and contamination by exploring new musical registers to celebrate his 25 years of music, composition, writing, stages and festivals.

Rock and Roll is produced by D4F0ur while the authors of the song are Nando Mormone e Valerio Jovine. Here’s how he tells it Jovine:

Rock and Roll is not the sound of the song. The piece is a free mix of sounds. That freedom that reggae taught me and that I spontaneously welcomed in life as in music.

At the same time, reggae became my label and, when I understood it, I escaped it a little, taking other paths in this journey as well.

Rock and Roll is a way of life. A life on the road, free, in fact, without limits. A freedom that I also made my own from an artistic point of view, escaping the choices of others, pacts and compromises. Of course, everything is more difficult but to be free, to think and act in complete freedom, I really think it is the greatest gift that you can give to yourself.“.

Jovine Rock and roll video

The video, born from an idea of Nando Mormone, was made by 56K Productions. And it is in the images of the video that a constant and the link with the previous one appears Come LeBron James: the couch….

The sofa is my comfort zone – explains Jovine. It is on the sofa that I compose my songs, watch matches, cheer and dream. The sofa is also the place where I started sleeping after the birth of my children, who come to my bed at night and I move on the sofa“.

With Rock and Roll, Jovine he also continues to reveal and tell his passions… in the previous single there were NBA and manga, in this Game of Thrones, Rolling Stones, Martin Luther King, Bob Marley and Pino Daniele.

Following the official video clip of the new single by Jovine.