Katarzia releases the album “n5”. He seeks the courage to tell the most brutal truth

Katarzia is releasing her fifth series. The collection is simply called “n5” and naturally follows last year’s album “Celibacy”, which, among other things, ranked ninth in our annual home charts.

© Alexandr Martsynyuk

The author is again working on the novelty with an experimental club sound with elements of hyperpop, more intimate pieces are supported by the sound of a guitar. Oliver Torr, Jonatan Pastirčák, Evil Medvěd and Ancestral Vision helped her with the production, and the resulting mix was taken care of by the proven multimedia artist Aid Kid and the alter ego of the mentioned Pastirčák Isam Zing. You can see Alexander Martsynyuk’s futuristic artwork on the left.

“The album is a collection of feelings and emotions hidden in larger inotajy. The recipients of the links in the lyrics are not only close, but also strangers, whose presence in a safe personal space is not always welcome. to society can be a challenge, “ the musician reveals the theme of her recent work.

“I’m not just a ‘body’ talking about famous and powerful men in the music industry who abuse their power to pack the 30-year-younger admirers they sleep with and then banish them. This ‘song idea’ blames the abuse of power and talks about the ideal In a world where even the artist himself is not just the body on which he builds his self-presentation, in contrast to these references, I dive into the most intimate realm, where I dream of being able to communicate with my neighbors as openly as possible and never build closeness to secrecy and lies, but to find the courage for the most brutal truth that can only bring us closer in the best sense of the word, “ concludes. The complete tracklist includes these nine songs: light, smd, closeness, for yourself, sadness, truth, you think, body, silence. They can all be listened to on the bandcamp or below, from December 17th.