KURZWEIL KA70 – digital piano for schoolchildren and advanced pianists

The piano, if you want the piano, is an instrument with a history so that even the Rothschild family could be ashamed of their property in front of it. The first mention of his ancestors dates back to the 15th century, however, as the creator real piano The Italian instrument manufacturer Bartolomeo Cristofori is most often considered to have introduced his piano version to the world in 1708. The evolution of this noble instrument gained momentum, and in the second half of the 20th century the descendants of the original piano had head.

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The advent of new technologies has also given rise to a generation of digital pianos. Thanks to its compact dimensions and often lower purchase price, it made the piano sound not only on concert stages, but also under the hands of the general public. One of the major manufacturers of these instruments is the German company Kurzweil, which has developed a compact stage piano with the model designation KA70, especially for beginners. The KA70 has a keyboard with keystroke dynamics and 88 keys, ie the standard range of a classical piano keyboard. It offers 20 quality presets with piano, organ, string and percussion chromatic instruments. The variety of its equipment underlines the choice of 50 automatic accompaniments in various musical genres. The KA70 model has 60 practice tracks in the arsenal, which you can easily master thanks to the programmed lessons, as well as a single-track recorder with the possibility of creating up to 5 user tracks, 2 demo tracks and the Scale function for setting other than tempered tuning.

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Wide compatibility allows you to connect the instrument to a computer, connect an external MIDI device, or connect an audio / MP3 player, or external speakers or headphones. The standard equipment of the digital piano is then a separate output for external switch / sustain pedal and metronome functions. Four built-in speakers with a total output of 60 W promise rich sound and sufficient instrument volume. The Kurzweil K70 is a digital piano created for small and large beginning pianists. The rich equipment, quality sound and balanced keyboard will fully appeal to more advanced players as well. Due to its compact dimensions, it will not take up much space even in the studio of a panel house, but under the Christmas tree it will make a majestic impression. And what about the novelty white design. You can buy Kurzweil KA70 and KA70 WH digital pianos in stores and on the Kytary.cz e-shop.