La Voz Argentina 2021: Franco Leiva sang a song by Bob Marley may be the next winner of the program

The Argentine Voice 2021

La Voz Argentina 2021 | Franco Leiva sang the song Is this love by Bob Marley and the jury admitted that he could be the next winner of the singing show. The participant left with Lali Esposito. Will he be able to go far in the Telefé reality show?

Franco Leiva, the participant who can win La Voz Argentina (Source: YouTube La Voz Argentina)


Franco Leiva, the participant who can win La Voz Argentina (Source: YouTube La Voz Argentina)

During another broadcast of The Argentine Voice 2021 a participant surprised the jury again, who admitted that he may become the next winner of this third season of reality. Franco Leiva singing “Is this love” from Bob Marley and he left with Lali Esposito.

Pedro Leiva is a participant of Bella Vista, Entre Ríos. He is 28 years old and his young son, who drew him a picture wishing him luck and that he was in charge of showing it on air.

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Likes sing and composer, he has been doing it since he was 15 years old, since when he was 14 he was already singing at school. Had a chance to sing at the Great Rex thanks to a friendly cumbia band who invited him giving him the chance.

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Before starting his blind audition, the entrerriano participant said that his intention was only to learn from the wisdom of each of the members of the jury.

Once on stage, Franco sang Is this love by Bob Marley. Lali Espósito was the only one who turned her chair and entered the participant to your team. However, then he sang another theme, the rest of the judges showed their regret and they confessed to him that he could quietly be the next winner from La Voz Argentina 2021.