Lana Del Rey can afford two records a year. On “Blue Bannisters” he tells his own story

Lana Del Rey never made a hard head out of bad tongues. But maybe something has changed over the last year. Fiasco around the perforated veil, accusations of racism, comments on the appearance – whoever wanted to hit her, easily found the stick. Probably that’s why we have her second record this year. Fortunately, the album “Blue Bannisters” is great!


Lana Del Rey – Blue Bannisters

Released: 22.10.2021
Total time: 61:53

Tracks: Text Book, Blue Bannisters, Arcadia, Interlude – The Trio, Black Bathing Suit, If You Lie Down With Me, Beautiful, Violets for Roses, Dealer, Thunder, Wildflower Wildfire, Nectar of the Gods, Living Legend, Cherry Blossom, Sweet Carolina

Publisher: Universal

When an artist releases two records in one year, it quite logically leads them to compare them in even more detail. Let’s remember Taylor Swift and her recordings “folklore” and “evermore” last year. Even then, of course, the question arose as to whether the second recording was accidentally filled with remnants from the past. So how do “Blue Bannisters” perform against “Chemtrails Over The Country Club”? Quite paradoxically, he wins “Blue railing”. Although both collections contain songs that Lana Del Rey did not use for her previous series (for example, “Nectar of the Gods” and “If You Lie Down With Me” date back to the days of “Ultraviolence”), “BB” residual impression – unlike “COTCC”, which would be more appropriate for the form of the EP.

If you haven’t joined the singer’s game yet, even a new act will probably not change your opinion. Lana probably never offers fast music, she excels in melancholic melodies, so why drastically change something that works? And although opponents think differently, she offers something a little different with each act, whether it’s the trap beats on “Lust For Life” or the dreamy poetics of “Norman Fucking Rockwell!”. The need to tell your own story is what characterizes the current collection of songs. Although the author does not take revenge on the critics, as she promised in her instagram account in March, she responds to the eternal attacks on her ethereal speech, for example, in the song “Beautiful”. “What if someone asked Picasso not to be sad? / Let me show you how to turn sadness into joy,” invites listeners to a simple but effective piano accompaniment. The message is clear: Lana will make the music her way. He also shows his talent for piano ballads in the final moving “Sweet Carolina”. We also saw one secret guest, in a piece called “Dealer”. In the title, Miles Kane’s uncredited vocals create a goosebumps experience with Lana’s goosebumps, especially in moments when the performer screams into the microphone with a lot of emotion. The psychedelic rock bomb took care of the top of the album.

The collection offers a lot of smaller or bigger surprises and the attentive listener will experience an emotionally charged ride in that hour, during which they will get closer to him with their experiences and views than ever before. “Blue Bannisters” is simply a powerful experience. Although Lana Del Rey used older pieces to build it, she assembled a whole that makes sense.