lancia “Get Lost” with Robin Novak

After the victory at the LazioSound and the publication of No trouble, the singer-songwriter Ellynora comes back with a new single made with Robin Novak. Get Lost – this is the title of the song – it is a sort of invitation to get lost in order to find oneself. The song is accompanied by an official video clip, online his YouTube.

Get Lost, available in store from November 29, 2021, is a song born in New York City, in the style of Ellynora whose career is divided between Italy e America. The piece is a kind of journey in search of oneself; and expresses desire for freedom.

Ellynora he claims: “Very often we are victims of the structures of the society in which we live to the point of forgetting who we are and what makes us really happy“. Starting from this premise, the artist underlines: “The song is aimed at a loved one, who can be a family member, a friend *, or companion *, trying to convince them * to let go and “get lost” in the unknown together.“.

Get Lost, the video shot by Ellynora in Los Angeles

Get Lost (Miami Beats at Atlast) is accompanied by an official video clip, online his YouTube. The video, directed by Ellynora, was shot at The Angels; and portrays the singer-songwriter herself with the dancer and actress Alessandra Mai Vinh.


The choice of having two female protagonists is not causal: in the video a very intense bond is represented. The nature of this relationship – a friendship or something more – is not made explicit. The message that the artist intends to convey is precisely what the labels do not count for: at the center there are pure, intense and true feelings; the opinion of other people and especially the labels do not matter.

The singer-songwriter has also chosen to give her support to the LGBTQI + community, which has always played a fundamental role in her personal and artistic life.

ROBIN NOVAKU & Ellynora – Get Lost – Video

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