Laura Pausini Box text and meaning of the song written with Madame

Laura Pausini BOX text and meaning of the new song that marks the highly anticipated return of Laura and that will be part of the film Laura Pausini Nice to meet you.

In 2021 with Laura Pausini Italy took the victory of a Golden Globe and the candidacy forOscar, first Italian artist, with I do. 2022 opens at the ”sign of new music and new cinematic experiences. BOX it is the prelude to a year full of many innovations.

In pre-order from today, the song will be released on all digital platforms on 20 th January and will accompany the new film Amazon Original LAURA PAUSINI – PLEASURE TO KNOW YOU, available soon exclusively on Prime Video.


The text of the new song was written by herself Laura together with the young singer-songwriter of 2021 records … Madame. Also for the musical part there are new and important collaborations. There Pausini in fact he composed the piece with Madame, Shablo e Luca Faraone. BOX, outgoing for Atlantic Warner, is produced by Shablo&Faraone, Paolo Carta e Madame.

Here is how the passage la tells Pausini

The box of which I sing is not a material object, it is a symbol of what contains our thoughts, memories, feelings, which holds what is true is contained in our heart, in our head.

I wondered about this and this intrigues me more today, like all of us I had two years in which everything slowed down and I had more time to dedicate to myself, to retrace many moments of a life so wonderfully normal that I was moved. .

I saw myself as a teenager again, I thought about the dreams I had and what I am today, looking for a meeting point.

Until at midnight and 41 minutes on March 10, 2021, a song arrived, written by Madame and dedicated to a teenage friendship, inspired by my post in which I talked about my classmates.

From the first listening I read it immediately as a dialogue between the Laura of today and that of the past and in this key we have reviewed it and it has become the song that I felt perfect for my return.

I like to be able to tell that little girl that I have not forgotten her and that even if fate has taken us far away, even today and every day we are the same thing, the same person and today I am sure of this more than ever.

BOX is announced as a delicate and overwhelming 3-minute and 28-second piece, carried away by the most powerful voice of our country which, for almost 30 years, has been telling its story, but also that of each of us.

Laura Pausini from 8pm on Thursday, thanks to Urban Vision (media company leader in the sector of maxi billboards) and with the support of Prime Video, will be live on digital screens in Milan (Corso Garibaldi), Rome (Piazza Navona), Madrid (Plaza del Callao), Paris (Tour Eiffel), Mexico City (numerous screens in various parts of the city), Brasilia (Asa Norte Boulevard ), Miami (Bay Side) and New York (Times Square).

Screens that, for the first time, will host an exclusive 3D performance with the execution of the song that from that moment will be available in all digital stores.

Laura Pausini Text and audio box

Coming January 20th

Photos at Omar Cruz