Lowlow First person. The rapper tells about the new album

Lowlow In first person is the title of the new album out today, July 30, per Epic Records Italy/Sony Music Italy. The project is out on all digital platforms and in vinyl format.

This time Lowlow he wants us to enter the innermost part of his life. The lens of Giulio through which he decided to tell the everyday and his experience, for the first time without filters, but really showing himself through the high-level and identity writing that always remains his stylistic code.

I chose to get involved in the first person – he comments Lowlowbecause with this identity I want the stories to really come. Rather than using a film as a metaphor, I tell a finished story, skipping a filter and always maintaining an energy that distinguishes the difference from everyday life, which gives you moments of schizophrenia much more than what you see in a film. I took off the mask and became more real, more real“.

To anticipate the album was the single Dirty conscience feat. Argument. The song is accompanied by a video showing the images of a self-ironic and psychedelic tale of a night in Milan.

In the project In first person continues the partnership with Big Fish but there are also collaborations with new producers: Daddy’s Groove, DFO, Cosmophonix, Marvely e Leo.

This is the tracklist of the album and the duets it contains:


  3. THE BEST YOUTH feat. J-AX (prod. BIG FISH)
  4. IN TERZA PERSONA feat. SVM (prod. BIG FISH)


  2. UNTIL I HATE YOU feat. GHEMON (prod. DFO)

LOWLOW in first person told by the artist

Here’s how the rapper told about this new project, the collaborations and the very soul of the record at the press conference …

The key word to describe this record and this period of my life is the search for openness, a discourse that we are pursuing with my team in many respects. I decided to put aside my background and also a whole series of things I do every day such as watching movies, cultural references come across: here the protagonist, the person in the foreground is me.

The disc was born from a careful work of exploration and with a new spirit of openness and sharing with other artists …

For the work done on ‘In First Person’ we started with openness and exploration: I think this is my most varied work from a musical point of view.

Just look at the features, just look at the producers, there is Fish who accompanied me on this record as in the previous ones, but I also went to many different studios, to get involved, to show how I worked, how I reasoned and maybe it is something that some people did not believe belonged to me, when in reality I am a very open person.

Actually for me it was a great satisfaction to compare myself with producers like Cosmophonix, or to work in the studio with Ghemon. So it is an opening towards the scene, it is a musical opening towards the public, both for the themes and for the courage to tell about oneself in a more mature way. More than a change in form, it is a change in substance.

The lockdown greatly influenced the birth of the new songs by Lowlow as the artist himself explains …

I come from a difficult period, especially from the point of view of tranquility. I have worked hard during this last year, this tragic period of lockdown for me was not a moment of stop, but a moment of reconstruction with my team and this work has given me a human security that I have always lacked, which has allowed to do my work with more peace of mind.

I have been doing this job since I was 13 and in ‘In First Person’ there is finally all of myself: what I do, what I watch, the people I talk to, the books I read.

All these aspects converge in writing, which for me is the most important thing and I think the most recognizable aspect of my work at 360 degrees.