MAKRORECENZE: Makrorecenze “Umami” Ewy Farne

Ewa Farna worked on her new album “Umami” for a long, long time. Even before its release, the single “Body” resonated throughout the media environment and the resulting album certainly did not disappoint. But how do the various editors of the music server view our new collection in our macro review?

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Perhaps the process of creating no record was not as under the microscope as it was with Ewa Farne’s novelty. Instead of having her written tailor-made songs, immersed herself in composing and recording herself, with the help of many co – workers, but in an effort to imprint as much of herself as possible on “Umami”. According to her colleague Pepy Martínek, who gave the rating 8/10 in the main review, she definitely succeeded: “Just like once a child star has filled an imaginary hole in the market, it is now coming up with something that we currently lack – with an ambitious, at the same time sounding and non-content-minded pop sung by a strong female personality. And even in Czech.”

The other four editors of the music server approached its evaluation in a macro review in only one case. One eight, one six and two fives give a net six in the average rating and let you know that Ewin’s personal and clever record doesn’t definitely fit everyone. And for some, even its maximum is simply not enough.

Jan Trávníček – Would you like some of the current pop? And with the brain? (8/10)
Relation to the interpreter: I love her music from the first record, we are almost as old and a concert with a symphony orchestra is the best I’ve ever seen from any domestic artist. I like to remind you that she may be the only singer who can sing “I Will Always Love You” just like Whitney Houston. And I love her sense of humor!

The wait has paid off. “Umami” is the best Czech sung pop album in recent years. The production is absolutely brilliant, it sounds completely different than you would expect, each song has its own sound, nothing is missing or left over. The arrangements are thoroughbred, stand on real instruments and breathe life. The lyrics are more personal than usual and are about something. Technically, Farna can sing better than the competition and she is not afraid to show it on the record. Perhaps only Gábina Gunčíková could compete with her, but she has a goal elsewhere. Anything could go on the radio and raise the current level. For example, such “Lost” in translation sounds like something from Duy Lipa, so it could easily be another single. I think Ewa still has her career peak ahead of me, so I keep a reserve for points next time. Angels too, so on purpose.

Hana Bukáčková – Ewin’s new record leaves me cold despite its individuality (6/10)
Relation to the interpreter: I like Ewa, I like her spontaneity.

Ewa has grown into a respected singer. She is innovative on the new record, straddling more musical directions, she flirts with the gospel, for example. He is also more personal, leaning on himself and his mistakes, playing voice and sounding modern. I may be one of the few, but the recording didn’t interest me much after the first listen, and I didn’t feel like playing it again. I respect Ewa as a singer and in my opinion she is one of the best that our scene has to offer. She is spontaneous, prompt and sincere. But it occurs to me that her singing qualities are disappearing on this record, which is a shame. He often recites rather than sings. I understand that she tries to keep up with trends, but even though she comes to her text more, she didn’t let me in with her processing. “Umami” means the fifth taste, but I didn’t like the new Ewa. Unfortunately, the novelty comes to me a little overwhelmed and probably too strong for me. I guess I have to get used to her, and the fact that Ewa is no longer a girl, but a woman with an opinion.


Jiří V. Matýsek – An honest example of modern pop that irritates the feet lyrics (5/10)
Relation to the interpreter: I usually swim in slightly different stylish waters, however, it is necessary to keep in the picture.

Ewa Farne’s “Umami” album was talked about as one of the most important recordings that were released in our country in 2021, one of those that will figure very high in the annual charts. That’s a pretty good reason to look at her tooth. After repeated listening, however, I can only sigh: If “Umami” is a lauded album, Czech pop is probably very low. However, it is not a clear flop, a few bright moments will be found. Farne has managed to record an album that sounds current and modern – that’s the first clear plus. The second is a strongly authorial concept of the recording. Farna sings about what is current for her, commendably opens up some topics that have been pushed to the margins so far (singles “No no” and “Body”), she is essentially honest in confessions such as “Version 02” or “Umama (Roots and Wings)”. “. He sings, so to speak about something, which the Czech, sung pop lacks somewhat (honor exceptions, of course). But these personal themes, which the album is full of, are wrapped in lyrics that strike your ears with empty phrases and rhymes that literally hurt. And the depth of the message melts in form. There is no critical eye here that could erase the lyrics and get rid of at least the most obvious lapses. “Umami” wants to be about texts, messages – and that’s where it squeaks the most. For the performer herself, however, the novelty is a recording on which she continues, she wants to offer an overlap and pop with content. He is strongest in moments of calm, where he turns to himself, not when he names a more widely valid issue through his optics. After all, the motif of a kind of self-confidence returns several times, and in the end, the songs still show that everything turns out as it should. And that doesn’t affect me very confidently. And the board itself is similarly divided. He is on his way, but he will not reach the finish line despite all efforts.

Milan Menčík – The closer Ewa is to me as a human being, the further away she is from music (5/10)
Relation to the interpreter: I know and follow her entire work from the first record to the present.

I’ve been following Ewa Farna since the very beginning of her career. Already during the tour for the album “Ticho” I stood in Třebíč behind a horde of screaming teenagers and a sound engineer and watched with interest the energetic girl from the Polish border. I’ve always enjoyed the color of her voice, a lot of her songs, I like her as a woman, her personality turns all the trends about the impossibility of connecting an active career with her family, she doesn’t hide behind the wall of PR marketers. Unfortunately, on the previous line “Leporelo” I did not find other good songs besides the title. In the meantime, some singles such as “All or Nothing” or “Hips as a Wardrobe” have found their way to me, but the new record is dodging somewhere far away from me. For me, contemporary (especially foreign) pop is often a shapeless, overproduced mass without taste and smell, where the main thing is missing – really a melody. On the album “Umami” there are absolutely believable lyrics and strong themes, which often target the marrow. Farna is in such a singing form that she shoves the whole domestic scene (perhaps with the exception of Lucie Bílá) completely in her pocket, but apart from the single “Version 2.0” there is not a single song that would get into my head after a few listenings. Nothing else on it tempts me to play the record over and over again, as is the case with her “Live at O2 Universum” vinyl released in 2020. This is a completely different song. 67196

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