Mara Sattei returns to Amici di Maria De Filippi 10 after her participation

Mara Sattei, almost ten years after his experience as a singer ad Friends of Maria De Filippi (happened with his real name, Sara Mattei), returns to the stage of the talent show of Channel 5 as a guest as an established artist of Italian music to sing his new single with Giorgia, Brackets.

Let’s take a step back in the history of Sara

Sara Mattei was born in Fiumicino on April 28, 1995 and has always lived in Rome. The passion for music is transmitted to her by her mother who for over twenty years was part of a Gospel choir.

Like many other young artists, she makes her apprenticeship by performing in clubs and participating in various competitions around Italy alone or with some of the groups set up with friends such as Watch Rail they About Love.

Simultaneously it becomes note on YouTube publishing the videos of his home performances that collect a good number of views. For two consecutive years, in 2011 and 2012, try to enter a X Factor but none of the judges sees in her the talent she will be.

The hearings of X Factor They still bring her luck because but in 2013 she joined the 13th edition of Friends of Maria De Filippi and it is here that his face becomes known nationwide. Sara is only 18 years old and vocally stands out over the course of the talent show. Amici, however, in that edition is still very different from what it is today and Sara does not have the opportunity to make herself known as a songwriter.

That edition of the program will be won by Deborah Iurato with hitmaker of the season the runners-up, i Dear Jack.

In 2014, after the program, he publishes the EP Frammenti: Acoustic Covers N.1 followed in 2017 by the single Mama Oh.

From Sara Mattei di Amici to Mara Sattei

In 2019 Sara decides to reverse the letters of his name and surname and restart his musical journey with the help of his younger brother, Davide Mattei, born in 2001, therefore six years younger than Sara.

Davide has a unique talent as a Producer who has already collaborated on tracks by Salmo e Dani Faiv and who, since 2017, has started to use his voice in productions becoming one of the musical cases of recent years, tha Supreme.

And so Sara it becomes Mara Sattei and with her brother’s productions she gets involved as a singer-songwriter. Between 2019 and 2020 he publishes three singles simply titled with the recording on the mobile: they come out like this New registration 326, New registration 402 e New registration 527. The first of these songs in 2021 will be certified with a gold record.

In the meantime, many collaborations from those with tha Supreme a coez, gives Carl Brave a Luis And The Yakuza.

In 2021, the singles follow Excuse me e What you don’t say until, on February 14, 2022, his first album finally comes out, Universe.

Sara it also took away the satisfaction of returning to X Factor as a collaborator of Hell Raton and the author of several pieces by the competing artists, including those of the winner Casadilego.

Tomorrow, Sunday 16 January 2022, another satisfaction. Sara Mattei it will in fact come back as Mara Sattei, established name of Italian music, ad Friends of Maria De Filippi, program in which he was perhaps still too young and immature to be understood, to sing with Giorgia the first single from Universe, Brackets.