Marco Castello in “Luminarie” reveals what he likes about Christmas

Illuminations is the new song by Marco Castello per 42 Records. The song was surprisingly released on December 20, 2021, on the “octave” day of Saint Lucia, to ideally close the feast of the patron saint of Syracuse.

The music of Marco Castello is closely linked to its land, to the traditions of Sicily, and to the Sicilian language which is at times almost mysterious and elusive. The artist often mixes Sicilian with Italian in his songs; and it also does in Illuminations (at the bottom of the article you can read the text).

The piece is affected by the years spent studying jazz, which is an important component of the musical formation of Marco. However, the song also has different references and influences, such as the magic of a moment of celebration represented by Christmas.

Marco Castello, light and Christmas

Marco Castello the passage says: “Everything that produces light is a strange, magical and mysterious prodigy, from fire, to the sky, to a screen, what this wave-particle is I don’t know for sure, but anything it lights up will magnetically capture, even if only for a while. ‘, the eyes and the attention of the beholder, as happens to the little fish that in the darkness of the abyss goes hypnotized in front of the predator’s illuminated illycous, before being swallowed in a flash. Here, I am particularly sensitive to the lights, if I were a fish I would not last an hour among the bioluminescent baits of the seabed, I would bite immediately, I would look for hours at the bright flashes in a state of trance“.

The artist reveals the effect that light has on him. In particular, the Christmas lights exert a great charm. “When for the holidays the city is beaded with light bulbs then I go stupid, and if I’m driving I risk being a public danger because I stop looking at the street and I get lost among the LED constellations among the buildings, or on the suspended arches with Baroque motifs ( before, now here are always the same boring bands of golden filaments recycled by at least three administrations)“.

Goes on: “However, that is the real signal that Christmas is coming, cheers, which moreover here falls within the same period of the eight days of celebration for Saint Lucia, patron saint of Syracuse and venerated all over the world as a symbol of light and many other things that they do not interest us, because we are talking about light“.

Marco Castello conclude: “However, despite the dazzling wonder, if it weren’t for the lights and a little electricity in the atmosphere, the more time passes the less I care about Christmas, so I take advantage of it at night to enjoy one of the few things in solitude and silence. that I really like about this period: the lights“.

Marco Castello

Illuminations, the text

Block all the way
rises to the clouds
a crane that mounts a pergola made of hallucinations
through the glass a milky way whitewashed between the balconies

Fog on the hanging clothes
they look like clouds
but it is only the smoke of exhumed chestnuts
each year more and more in advance

On the sea it glitters
all of torches
a moon tired of being a wave a thousand times swings away

We’ll see you at the fireworks display

Long live Santa Lucia
sarausana jè

Come and look for me by sliding on the wax
there’s the band I’m vibrating with The King

When I see you, I feel overwhelmed
that I want to tell you so many things

It’s a holiday and I’m still in love
that we want good and we do bad

You are all mine now
Strawberry cake
they put solace among the stories of this night in Buttana

You console me secretly at dawn and keep my secrets

The magic ends
extinguished the fireflies

It’s summer again every morning until
in the evening we delude ourselves with the lights

Marco Castello

Photo by Glauco Canalis