Matteo Romano Tramontana text and meaning of the new summer single

Matteo Romano Tramontana meaning of the lyrics of the new single for summer 2022.

Exactly two months after the release of his latest single, Apatheticthe young singer-songwriter is ready to launch a song designed for the summer, Tramontanaoutside Friday 24 June in digital stores for Capitol Records – Universal Music Italia.

Matteo Romano Tramontana meaning of the passage

Tramontana is presented as a real hymn to freedom, a song that aims to tell the Matteo today, on the eve of the summer that is coming and that will see him protagonist with his first tour.

In this new passage the pen of Matteo (co-author of the text) crosses again with that of Alessandro La Cava as had already happened for the piece presented in competition a Sanremo 2022, Viral.

The production of the piece is taken care of by Zef.

Matteo Romano had announced the arrival of new music in recent days through social media …

In this period I am always around and every now and then it seems to me that I never stop, I never find time to talk about everything that happens around and inside me. Today, however, I feel light and I want to tell you about these last few weeks which have been a bit chaotic.

It’s crazy to be able to live on music and travel to sing, I feel really lucky. As much as I constantly change cities, your affection and warmth is always magical and this is one of the things that make me happy and grateful.

Then how beautiful it is to finally be able to sing together !! I feel that I am growing a lot and I am becoming more and more aware of myself, I have never listened to myself so much and it is doing me good !! Goal of these weeks: to be able to take things as they come in all tranquility and ease, as I do on a trip. T.

on the other you start to hear the summer vibes and I have a mad desire to let you listen to new music.

Tramontana will be added to the list of songs that Matteo is presenting to the public during concerts organized by Friends & Partners. These are the next dates:

  • 24 June in Albenga (A Sea of ​​Emotions Festival)
  • July 14 in Asti for Asti Musica
  • July 16 in Tarantasca (CN) for Onde Sonore Festival
  • 7 August in Cervia (RA)
  • 3 September in Langhirano (PR)

Matteo will be accompanied on stage by his band composed of Dario Giuffrida (electronics), Marilena Montarone to the bass e Fabio Zacco to keyboards. valerian Clairvauxformer conductor of Matteo on the stage of the Ariston Theater in Sanremo, he takes care of the live arrangements of the songs.

Matteo Romano Tramontana text

Because this summer air is so beautiful
that touches our hair and that it seems
come from the sea

But I’m fine even though, huh, huh
suddenly the north wind blows
I didn’t foresee it and you know it’s there, huh, huh
the more it touches me, the more I feel at home and I understand why

Full text coming Friday 24th June