Mirka Slančíková Miškechová confirms the qualities of a distinctive musician on the album “Je tu”

In Slovakia, they have no shortage of good singers. In addition to Sima Martausová (now Magušinová), Mirka Miškechová is another. She became famous in her duet with Xindle X “A Foreigner in Your Country”, but she doesn’t need someone else’s help for her career. Proof of this is the new studio “It’s here”.


Mirka Slančíková Miškechová – She is here

Released: 8.12.2021
Total time: 27:23

Tracks: Infinite Heaven, Once You Find It Out, I Don’t Like It, Nemala, Tables, Vincent, Just My Feeling, Open !, Heaven is Here, My Dear

Publisher: Musicraft

Her third solo album had no special promotion in Slovakia, let alone in our country. It came out relatively quietly before Christmas, but the reason for the silence on the footpath was not only negative things about the covid, but also purely joyful personal matters. Miškechová got married and gave birth to a son in the summer, so the single “Once you find out” is purely dedicated to a small knot of happiness. Life changes then go through the whole recording.

The lyrics are largely authentic, sometimes raw and cheerful (with a yawn in the song “I don’t like”), very minimalist arrangements, but playful. The melodies are sometimes looped, but again they are a hallmark of a cheerful singer. The guitar with a piano, sometimes accompanied by soft percussions, shared the dominant sound of the individual songs. It definitely pays not to listen to the record as a soundstage, but on the contrary to focus on individual wins and sound or production tricks. Miškechová connected the album to a large extent with Ostrava, specifically with Jiří Krhut (half of the Krhut-Kozub duo), who composed the music for most of the songs, then Pavel Sotoniak or with the choirmaster Barbara Kanyzová, who replaces the strings or sound areas of synthesizers with her layered pleasant vocals. . They really enjoy the piano ballads “Len moj pocit” (“God, you really exist because you just feel like me”) or a letter addressed to the only man in the world “My dear”. She deals with her friend in the live song “Otev!” And just such mood changes from lyricism to straightforwardness, stroking or cheerfulness make the collection varied.

However, if I compare it with the previous line “My name is Mirka not Miška”, I enjoyed it a bit more. The range of sounds here was also more colorful thanks to the drums, and while more than half of the previous dozen songs found their way into my permanent playlist, I don’t see it so optimistically here. However, it would definitely be a shame to delete the album and throw it in the trash. Today, her full name Mirka Slančíková Miškechová is a nice and skilful musician with her own style of composing, of which there are desperately few in our region. And we must therefore clearly take into account that it is simply “It’s here”.