Mirko and Valerio released the cd of the two 14-year-old violinists loved by Coldplay

The January 14 the disk of Mirko and Valerio, the two very young Sicilian violinist twins who, at just 14 years old, enchanted Chris Martin of the Coldplay.

But let’s get to know the story of the two boys together …

It is the end of March 2020, the pandemic breaks out and the lockdown arrives in Italy. Mirko and Valerio they decide to strive to pass the time by spreading their music on the web. From that moment several things happen that make them known to the general public on social networks but also on TVs all over the world.

Among the many videos that the two violinists publish is the cover of Live life of the Coldplay. Their version, a motivational hymn of hope and light at the height of the Corona Virus Pandemic, goes viral and touches the hearts of people around the world.

They notice the same ones Coldplay who share the video on all their official social networks, Facebook Instagram, Twitter. In this way, millions of views and hundreds of thousands of shares and likes from social networks arrive and televisions all over the world notice them.

Mirko and valerio from coldplay to world attention

There comes a time when the Management of Coldplay with the explicit request of Chris Martin to know personally Mirko and Valerio. There is thus a first private cognitive video call by the group leader, to ask the boys to perform with him live on the official social networks of the Coldplay in a World Live streaming that took place a few weeks later.

The video also reaches the first place in the ranking of the top ten Most Popular video on the American portal of CBS News International and the President of the European Parliament David Sassoli, makes a post on his official profile talking about Mirko and Valerio enthusiastically.

Even the prize Oscar Penelope Cruz and many other famous people make posts and / or stories on Mirko and Valerio who are consequently contacted by the most well-known National and International Talent Shows, offers declined for previous contractual reasons.

Furthermore The Ellen Show, one of the greatest American TV shows that hosts the most famous world stars, officially invites them to America for an episode complete with a video invitation from the well-known presenter, Ellen DeGeneres.


All this attention bears the label Beat Noise to decide to launch the twins on the record market. It will thus be released on January 14, 2021 with distribution Warner Music, the solo violin album The Violin Twins.

This is the tracklist with the songs that will be contained on the disc. In addition to two Italian songs taken from the soundtracks of famous films, there are only two songs by Italian artists, the two artists who have conquered a Grammy Awards: Domenico Modugno e Laura Pausini.

  1. Sweet child o’mine
  2. He’s a pirate (Pirates of the Caribbean)
  3. Life is Beautiful
  4. Sway with me
  5. Medley: Smooth criminal + Billy Jean
  6. Amazing grace
  7. Loneliness
  8. The final countdown
  9. Perfect
  10. In the blue painted blue (Flying)
  11. New Cinema Paradiso
  12. Live life

Cover photo taken from an interview with AG.TV