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Omar Sy in Lupine, Netflix

O Daniel Rye Case – 06/11

Image: Promotion/California Films – Martin Da Kristensen

Where: Now

What to expect: The film is based on the story of the Danish photographer Daniel Rye who was kidnapped by the Islamic State. In 2013, Rye went to Syria to document the country’s refugee crisis and was abducted, spending more than 300 days in captivity.

Maniac Cop – 11/06

Where: Darkflix

What to expect: In this version Robocop in terror a detective investigates a series of brutal deaths brought about by a murderer dressed as a policeman. The main suspect is Jack Forrest, played by Bruce Campbell, from Evil Dead. But the detective believes this is all a setup to frame Jack and decides to go after the real criminal.

Pain and Glory – 12/06

Image: disclosure/IMDb

Where: Prime Video

What to expect: Or filmmaker Salvador Mallo (Antonio Banderas) remembers his life when the past knocks on his door. Melancholy and unhealthy, the man thinks about the choices he has made while trying to recoup past losses. The film was directed by Pedro Almodovar and earned Banderas another Oscar nomination.

Untitled Horror Movie – 15/06

Image: disclosure

Where: Prime Video

What to expect: In this parody of horror movies, we’ll follow celebrities who summon a spirit and start being chased by this evil force. The differential of this feature is that it was all recorded by Skype, the makeup was done by the actors themselves and the team only knows each other virtually, as it was recorded during the quarantine.

Headspace – Relaxation Guide – 06/15

Where: Netflix

What to expect: A guide to meditations, relaxation exercises and bedtime stories by Netflix in partnership with the Headspace Studios.

Captain Phillips – 06/15

Image: Disclosure/Netflix

Where: Netflix

What to expect: starring Tom Hanks the film tells the story of the captain who is taken hostage by four Somali pirates. The situation generated an international conflict with the US Navy. Based on a true story.

Someone Died In My Place – 06/16

Where: Darkflix

What to expect:The Austrian-led production Paul Henreid is known for not having scares caused by jumpscares, but still frightening for its gloomy mood. In the film, two twins live opposite lives, because while Edith owns a bar that is experiencing financial difficulties, her sister Margaret is the wealthy wife of a millionaire. When Margaret dies, her sister plots to take her place. Both characters are played by the magnificent Bette Davis.

City of Penguins – 06/16


Where: Netflix

What to expect: In this documentary series, we can learn more about the life and habits of a group of penguins that live in a city in South Africa. The film will discuss the gathering of birds to mate, form families and form a group.

The Panther Brand – 06/18/

Where: Darkflix

What to expect: This 1982 movie is based on the classic of Jack Turner, Panther blood. In the plot the young Irene falls in love for the first time, however her experience is affected by tragic events. The woman decides to fight for love facing her fate, lust, blood and strange advances from her brother. O remake was driven by Paul Schrader, from Taxi Driver.

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