MYDY got wild in the clip “Let Me Be” and turned into animals calling for freedom

MYDY is working on a new album, which should be released in the fall. The prelude is the new single “Let Me Be”, which, as the name itself apt “Leave me alone” he suggests, they are calling for freedom. The song was created in collaboration with producer and musician Matěj Belek. The song was written a few years ago, but is now becoming more topical, so the band has dressed it up. It is about freedom, in whatever form – to act on one’s body, one’s life, to have different opinions and not to be judged for differences. It is an imaginary raised mediator for all who have a desire to decide the fates of others, and at the same time an encouragement for all who want to live their lives in peace. It is said that writing a text about opinion limitation was a therapeutic experience for the singer Žofia Dařbujánová. The song is accompanied by an original visual in which each member wears an animal mask. “The song ‘Let Me Be’ is in a strong mood, she simply said about the visuals of the jungle. That’s why the main protagonists are animals – pure souls without prejudices. sins, but also making mistakes are human qualities, which are at the same time a basic precondition for us to move on. she will be seduced, she will become an animal herself and she will unite with others in love, “ describes the plot of keyboardist Mikuláš Pejcha (YKIM Productions), who took over the direction and camera. It is his work with the camera that I enjoy, fisheye and 360-degree shots offer many unusual images, he looks playful and fresh. It’s a nice wilderness, literally. A good point is the common matched outfit of yellow suits with safari shirts, which is ideal for the environment of the botanical garden where the clip was filmed. And the pearl at the end: Will the tree from which Zofia takes an apple come to you, familiar? He should – he already played his role in the clip “Blind”.