Nesli new single coming. In the meantime, “Ego” returns to the platforms

generation new single coming but not only… In recent days we talked to you in this article about the new album by generation, a record that will come with Artist First in 2022. But first it’s time for the return of the first album, Ego, and a new single …

In recent days Francesco Tarducci, this is the real name of generation, started talking on social networks about the next steps that will lead to this new album and a surprise coming today, December 29, 2021, on his birthday.

Ego, the debut album by generation, is finally available to stream on all digital music platforms for the first time eighteen years after release. Ego is published and distributed by Artist First, the record label that will accompany the singer-songwriter, rapper and producer in this new musical journey.

Everything changes, everything remains the same, everything passes and everything comes back. My life is like my music and vice versa, I wanted to manage it differently at times but I always got carried away by what I felt, living and writing in my own way.

These are the words of the singer-songwriter who, after almost three years of silence, is ready to return with new music but “to move forward it is important to remember where we come fromAnd for this reason on December 29th he celebrates his birthday with the digital publication of his first album.

His Ego, generation he says that “is my first album written, arranged and produced by me. A rap album without the use of samples but only played instruments, released in 2003.

Ego, published in 2003 for Mobile Records Records with the production of generation and of Dj Myke, is a record that already highlights one of the main characteristics of the writing of generation, introspection.

This is the tracklist which also includes a duet with his brother Fabri Fibra.

  1. Intro
  2. done
  3. My imagination
  4. Words to dedicate to me
  5. Here I am
  6. A face, a name
  7. Smallness feat. Fabri Fibra
  8. Another day
  9. Perhaps
  10. From tomorrow
  11. Believe
  12. Something that changes
  13. I’m back
  14. More than you can
  15. Forse Reverse Remix


The new path of generation certainly does not stop with the return of Ego. In fact, the artist has a new digital release in store for his fans, a single with the name Confession – story which will come out on January 7 on all digital platforms.