new and unprecedented challenges. Guests Arisa and Coez

Friends first episode of 2022. After the summer break, the program is back on the air on Sunday, a new location chosen in this year by the top Mediaset which is giving excellent results.

Several boys are sent to challenge for not doing their homework and keeping the house tidy, a situation that has also caused a rant during the holidays by the De Filippi. Candidates for the challenge are whites, Aisha, Sissi, Elena Alex, Ltd e Luigi.

Their challenger is Bern which presents the unpublished King Arthur.

Friends first episode: the challenge of LDA

Teachers can save their own pupil. whites is saved by the Pettinelli (but will have to wash the dishes all week). Lorella Cuccarini he does not save any of his pupils. Zerbi, only because then he will want to have a separate discussion with her, exempts Elena.

The five remaining boys all agree to take on the challenge. LDA he offers himself as he believes he needs a challenge right now. The young artist, already certified platinum with the first unreleased album launched at Friends, sings Excuse me.

The challenge continues with Bern with an English song to which he added his own bars. LDA interpret The New Star of Broadway.

The judge Carlo Di Francesco decides that LDA stays in the school.


Fresh from victory a dancing with the Stars, come back Arisa, last year professor in the program, ready to judge the boys.

The challenge begins Aisha with a passage in French to which he added parts of the text. Vote 7 and a half (at the first listening, recorded, he gave her 7 and a half).

Alex sings Grandpa Hollywood from Enrico Nigiotti. Arisa i had 7 and raises it to 8. He follows Rea on the floor that chooses a cover in English. Also for her a 8, per Arisa may already do this job.

Luigi sings The football lever of ’68 from Francesco De Gregori in a rock key, Ad Arisa does not live together and gives him a 7. Sissi sings Think from Aretha Franklin and takes a nice 10.

LDA, whose Arisa confirms that he has the same charm as his father, he sings a piece of Bruno Mars with the addition of its bars. They follow whites, Crytical e Nicol.


They go into challenge Luigi, whites e Nicol.