Of the Czech radio stations, Coldplay is the most common, while the album chart was dominated by Olivia Rodrigo

This week, both the radio and album charts report a change to the top spot. While Coldplay triumphs on the domestic air with “Higher Power” for the first time, Olivia Rodrigo follows on from the end of May with his debut album “Sour”. Kryštof radio and Ben Cristovao’s albums took care of the highest-ranked news.

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RADIO – Coldplay take the lead after a three-week reign of the Imagine Dragons and their song “Follow You”. With the loud song “Higher Power”, Chris Martin & spol. worked their way to the forefront relatively quickly, specifically in seven weeks. Apart from the Czech Republic, they have also won in Belgium, but at home in Great Britain they only looked at twelve and in the USA they were at most fifty-three. According to the singer, it is a single “about trying to find an astronaut in each of us, a person who can do amazing things”. Miley Cyrus also improved, with the ballad “Angels Like You” a new silver medal. The singer thus outperforms the best result of last year’s single “Midnight Sky”. Both pieces come from her latest studio film “Plastic Hearts”, which we evaluated as “the best foreign album of 2020” in our traditional annual survey. Also Joel Corry, David Guetta and Raye, who all met in the song “Bed”, are pushing the current maximum with a three. Last year, the first-named British producer even dominated the Czech airwaves with the hit “Head & Heart”. Will he be able to build on this triumph? We will be wiser in the coming weeks. Imagine Dragons dropped from first place to fourth, top five are closed by Nathan Evans, 220 KID and Billen Ted with the naval anthem “Wellerman”. The most played home track is the fault of Mirai, who with “Despite all this” still score high after thirty-six rounds, specifically at six. And high, in fifteenth place, as expected, a novelty from the Kryštof group also started. “Halywůd” attracts to the album of the same name, which the Havířov group will release in the autumn. For the time being, they probably don’t have to worry about the age-old, stable favor of the playwrights, but the reactions of the fans are rather embarrassing. Pink took her forty-third line with her daughter Willow Sage Hart. The single “Cover Me In Sunshine” was released in February and some call it today “that annoying song from instagram centuries”. Katy Perry ranked eighty-eighth most played with “Electric,” a quarter-century song by the Pokémon. The latest news was provided by Marshmello and Jonas Brothers – their collaboration with “Leave Before You Love Me” ranks ninety-fifth.

Top 10 CR – radios:

  1. ▲ Coldplay – Higher Power
  2. ▲ Miley Cyrus – Angels Like You
  3. ▲ Joel Corry & Raye & David Guetta – Bed
  4. ▼ Imagine Dragons – Follow You
  5. ▲ Nathan Evans & 220 KID & Billen Ted – Wellerman
  6. ▲ Mirai – Despite all that
  7. ▬ O5 and Radeček – Bra3
  8. ▲ Robin Schulz feat. KIDDO – All We Got
  9. ▼ JC Stewart – I Need You To Hate Me
  10. ▼ Deer – One more night

Olivia Rodrigo - Sour
© Olivia Rodrigo

ALBA – She made her debut at number one, and in the next four weeks she always took a silver position. In her sixth round, however, Olivia Rodrigo returns to the top of the charts. Only the eighteen-year-old singer stays with the songs from her album debut “Sour” in the playlists of the fans, not only in our country, but also in the world. It looks like 2021 has already found its new pop star (or at least a season star). Last year’s winning Robin Zoot retreated with the record “Robby Trouble”. The bronze podium has remained unchanged for several weeks, and the Italian Måneskin with the “Teatro d’Ira” still remain on it. In addition, rockers from Rome, who dazzled Eurovision viewers in May, are watching the top two ranks in the digital singles chart. Nothing remarkable happened in other places in the top ten. The fourth Ca $ hanov Bulgarian did not move from his position as “Romeo” and all other members of the elite society gained the same position for good. These cosmetic changes are caused by the collapse of the German Helloween, whose eponymous album offended from nineteen to nineteen. The first of the novelties can be found in fourteenth place. Ben Cristovao recorded a new EP “JENTAK” with producer Filip Vlček and joined his entire band. “I believe that this work will raise a lot of eyebrows and, most importantly, will make everyone we have been following for almost half a year through JENTAK sessions,” said the singer. Konex, a representative of Slovak rap, starts as the 22nd with the title “Supernova”. In the list of artist guests you will find names like Separ, Majk Spirit, Sergei Barracuda or Stein27. The soundtrack to the musical “Elefantazie”, which tells the story of the life of a physically handicapped man at the end of the nineteenth century, marks its fifty-first position. Let us add that Tomáš Klus and Tomáš Havlínek were cast in the main role of the performance by director David Drábek at the ABC Theater in Prague.

Top 10 – white:

  1. ▲ Olivia Rodrigo – Sour
  2. ▼ Robin Zoot – Robby Trouble
  3. ▬ Moonlight – Teatro d’Ira – Vol. IN
  4. $ Ca $ hanova Bulhar – Romeo
  5. ▲ Viktor Sheen – Colors
  6. ▲ The Weeknd – After Hours
  7. ▲ Viktor Sheen – Black and White World
  8. ▲ Yzomandias – Prozyum (Director’s Cut)
  9. ▲ Dua Lipa – Future Nostalgia
  10. ▲ Ektor – Original

The complete radio and sales charts for the 25th week can be found on the IFPI website here.