out everywhere the first single, waiting for the album “Loyalty”

Mosè The presented the new single New Killer, available on all digital platforms for Metatron Group e Believe.

The song anticipates the rapper’s first official album, which will be titled Loyalty, out on Friday 10 December.
The production is by the same Mosè The and of 47 Milano, a group of producers and musicians who move with a unique style in the production of music for various young talents of the Italian urban scene.


The Italian-Eritrean artist with this single, New Killer, reveals the first piece of his new recording project. A powerful piece, which comes after the publication of the three Dunk Freestyle.
Mosè The he wrote New Killer straight away, confirming his technical skills already demonstrated with the first released singles.

New Killer it’s the last track I wrote for my album, recorded on the last day I had available. Initially I wanted to release the record without a single that anticipated it, then this song was born, written and recorded straight away, in one night. The chorus was done by the guys who were in the studio at that time. It was a fun, impromptu process, without the pressure of having to do something and I thought it was right to start with this attitude “, he says Mosè The.

Mosè The And Mussie Tesfay, an Italian Eritrean artist born in Milan and raised in the popular buildings of the Maciachini district. From an early age he cultivated a passion for hip hop music and culture, rap and street life. His artistic debut is marked by his entry into Propaganda Records, which leads him to sign his first major contract. After the publication of several singles that attract the attention of professionals and the public, from 2020 a new path begins with Believe Music e Metatron Group.