Paolo Lewis single It’s love that counts

The Roman singer-songwriter Paolo Lewis launched the single It is love that matters, with whom he was one of the 56 finalists of Area Sanremo.

“It is love that counts expresses the concept of ‘fake memory’, that is, remembering only the beautiful moments of a relationship or an event that has happened.

But we must understand that there is always a reason if we decided that something remained in the past and therefore be very careful not to go back on the old steps just because driven by a ‘fake memory’.

The song also talks about equality and the freedom to love whoever we want, because love has neither gender nor color “

Paolo Lewis introduces himself to the Italian music scene after a long apprenticeship in London.

In the UK he recorded sold out in famous London clubs and live performances at events presented by the prestigious BBC broadcaster and a debut EP Proactive.

In Italy before It is love that matters ( 2021 Hokuto Empire – Distributed by Sony Music Entertainment Italy S.p.A.) released the single Wolf in fairy tales.

Paolo Lewis – It is love that counts

The single is an energetic, intense and radio pop ballad, with folk-rock influences, characterized by a cantabile, catchy refrain that immediately remains in mind and by a dreamy and delicate melody, rich in different colors and shades.

The song tells both the most beautiful aspects of love and the most difficult and painful ones to live, such as admitting its end by moving forward and trying to forget who we once loved and now we no longer recognize.

We know Paolo Lewis better

Paolo Lewis is an Italian singer-songwriter influenced by artists such as James Bay, Ed Sheeran e Lewis Capaldi.

After abandoning his medical studies in Rome, he moved to London to pursue his dream, that of a career in the world of music.

Thus he began to play at the open-mics, in front of a small audience, and then sold out, after a long apprenticeship, in famous London clubs such as Notting Hill Arts Club and the Cargo, also singing at events presented by the prestigious broadcaster BBC.

paolo lewis

The first singles of the artist, Warrior From Mars e The One Chance, catch the attention of London radios and allow Paolo to sign a contract with the distributor BEGINNING.

With BEGINNING releases his debut EP, Proactive, which reaches the Top 8 of iTunes Italy and the Top 22 of iTunes United Kingdom, also entering the rankings in countries such as China, Luxembourg and the USA.

Paolo Lewis later he writes and sings the pieces of the film’s soundtrack Dirty Sexy Saint, directed by the director and producer Tosca Musk, sister of the famous Elon Musk.

In March 2020 the artist leaves for Italy, with a last-minute flight, to return home before the situation got worse.

Thus begins to introduce himself to the Italian music industry and publishes the song I loved you, which reaches 150 THOUSAND plays.

This allows it to be noticed by the label Hokuto Empire by Francesco Facchinetti, with which he publishes the singles Wolf In Fairy Tales e It is Love that Matters, with which he is among the 56 finalists of Area Sanremo 2021.