Phil Collins runs to his ex-wife after finding out she married someone else in Las Vegas

Phil Collins, multi-award-winning musician, appointed lieutenant of the Royal Victorian Order and former member of the extinct band Genesis, lives one of the most uncomfortable moments of his career, as he presented an eviction order for his ex, Orianne Cevey, to leave his mansion located in Miami, Florida, after learning that despite their reconciliation, the woman secretly married a young guitarist in Las Vegas, witnessing an Elvis Presley impersonator.

Orianne, 46, currently lives in the home of the famous singer-songwriter, valued at more than $ 25 million.


According to “The Sun,” Orianne married 31-year-old Thomas Bates behind Collins’s back in a strange wedding ceremony. “Both sides seem equally determined not to give in to the other. The fairy tale reconciliation between them is completely over,” a source close to the couple revealed in the English newspaper.

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The love story of the famous creator of “Another day in paradise” and Orianne has not been easy. She was 21 years old and he was divorcing his second wife Jill Tavelman, mother of the actress Lily Collins, when their romance began. Phil was 44 years old. They married in 1999 and had two children: Nicholas and Matthew, but seven years later the relationship ended and they divorced in 2008 in a negotiation that cost the singer more than 25 million dollars.


After she married and divorced someone else, they were reunited when he took care of her after a delicate neck operation. Now, when everything seemed to be going smoothly with the family reunited again, “The Sun” obtained the certificate of the wedding of Orianne and the young drummer in Las Vegas.

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