Pippo Pollina: The Album “Secret Songs” Tells The Changing Times

From January 7, 2022 is available in store digital and in streaming the new album by Pippo Pollina. Secret songs – this is the title – was anticipated by the publication of the videos of the songs Music tomorrow too e Leo.

The disc contains the artist’s reflections on the experiences made and the changing times. The 14 songs by Secret songs are the translation into verse and music of the mood of Pippo Pollina. Their writing was inspired by some fundamental moments: advancing age, children leaving home, goodbyes and the possibilities that arise when life turns abruptly.

I turned 58 this year, and I’m in a place in time where a lot is changing“, tells Pollina.The first friends greet us, as do the parents. It is time to begin not only to take stock, but also to become aware of the new questions that now lie ahead. The hair begins to turn gray, the children have flown out of the nest, the perspectives change. But first of all, getting together again means saying goodbye to life as you lived it up to here. First you find peace, then you move on to face new experiences and goals. These will not be the same as when you were 30. For many people, this period implies new relationships, for someone perhaps a new family. We are no longer the same as before”.

In Secret songs, Pippo Pollina sing the power of music; speaks of the consequences of prosperity, changing passions, dreams, hopes and disappointments; it also reflects on the pandemic. All the songs were written in between January 2019 e June 2020. The only exception is Leo, written and composed by Pollina e Georges mustaki In the 1994, as a poignant homage to the famous French chansonnier Leo Ferré.

Recorded in several studies between Italy, France, Germany e Swiss, the album was a challenge for Pippo Pollina: “after all, I am in the middle of my research and I am aware that at this age I need to discover new things and face new challenges. It’s a weird phase to be in, no longer young, but not old yet. And then here comes the Coronavirus to block everything. I was able to take advantage of this quiet period to write a novel and record the album without rushing. The songs are the musical expression of these doubts that I too have had to deal with”.

Secret songs: here’s the tracklist

01 Music tomorrow too 04:06
02 How it rains when Christ outside 04:19
03 Scacciaferro 05:02
04 Watch the snow fall 04:15
05 Like a sudden happiness 04:43
06 We all have 04:19
07 Get them if you want 04:38
08 Hear the cicadas 04:01
09 Pizzolungo 05:37
10 Leo 04:13
11 Imagine yourself 03:41
12 Where will you hide 03:23
13 All closed 04:09
14 Another life 04:39

The registration of the new work of Pollina it involved over twenty musicians. Among them, the multi-instrumentalist Martin Kälberer (who was also producer and co-arranger of the album), the guitarists Jean Pierre von Dach e Titus Vollmer, the bass player Alex Klier and the drummer Leonardo Guadarrama.

On the disc you can hear strings, various wind instruments, harmonica and accordion; and in some passages a powerfully evocative male choir appears. Secret songs is a mature and ambitious album, which Pippo Pollina will bring on stage throughout Europe during 2022, culminating in a grand finale atArena from Verona nell’August 2023.

Pippo Pollina

Pippo Pollina tells secret songs

Music tomorrow too
Between the past and the present. Between joys and sorrows. Among the goodbyes that are consumed in the wake of time and passions, there will always be music that will save us.
A soundtrack that will accompany the crucial phases of our life.

How it rains when Christ outside
The blues is in the blood of those who enjoy suffering.
Thinking about the beloved woman who has chosen to leave is an impossible vortex to stop.
And on the notes of a bluesy swearing: of how it rains when Christ outside.

Talking with those who are no longer there becomes an indispensable exercise for not really believing in it.
And so suddenly you hear the voice, the breath, the irony and even the footsteps on the pavement.
And everything becomes a faded milonga.

Watch the snow fall
There are moments in life when poetry is everything. He does not describe but paints. It is just a watercolor on a canvas ready to receive its colors. And each sentence refers to a different state of mind.
Then you look out the window and say to yourself: look, the snow is falling.

Like a sudden happiness
In the arms of those who go away and those who remain, a vital energy gushes out. That ideal witness that is delivered with one’s body and soul to the one you love.

We all have
A vice, a game, a passion, a trust.
And also an awareness: it is not always worth judging others. Better to follow your own path with the greatest possible consistency.

Get them if you want
Does time gone really disappear like snow in the sun?
Or maybe instead it awaits us around the corner preparing a surprise?
Or perhaps it still accumulates in an ideal library of moments where everything is not written but lived.

Pippo Pollina

Hear the cicadas
A Martian awaits us at the last bend of the promontory. Perhaps he wants to reveal himself to us who move away from the madness of the metropolis. From the hysteria of the masses, from the recklessness of everyday life. And with his green face he asks us: do you hear cicadas?

Margherita was young when her family died as a shield to judge Carlo Palermo in the hot years of the mafia massacres. They all died in the place of the magistrate who was miraculously unharmed. From that day on, the life of the judge and Margherita changed.
The Pizzolungo massacre.

Dedicated to Léo Ferré. Written together with Georges Moustaki in the nineties and now interpreted with Celia Reggiani, the daughter of the great Serge, actor and chansonnier.
In this song there is a third of the history of the French song.

Imagine yourself
The alternation of generations also causes tenderness. Fathers and sons. Their conflicts. And above all the inability to grasp the fleeting moment. That of the word before oblivion.

Where will you hide
Is there a way to communicate when you are away from social networks and technologies?
So let’s connect with thoughts.

All closed
There is no harm for how great it is that it does not also come for a little bit of good. The pandemic has also made it possible to reflect on many things. And to know your surroundings better than in previous years.

Another life
How often have we told ourselves that we would like another life? To then raise the white flag and reveal our inconsistency and inability. And it’s not enough to admit it. That the very thought oppresses us.

Pippo Pollina

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