Premiere: Grain presents the home made clip “16:07”. It was created during the lockdown

Grain is planning a new record for next year. She will be happier, maybe more folk, and there will be simple songs about love. But before that happens, the band looks back at the album “Heavenly Peace” through a video for the song “16:07”. The content of the matter was invented by frontman Honza Unger almost three years ago in the summer on a hill above the Calvary in Prešov while waiting for a concert. During the interview, Honza Fišer described the result as follows: “The title is the time when Aleš Fulín (graphic artist – editor’s note) put it in the press. This song was named differently every now and then. Depending on how many hours it was. different tones, but they flow naturally. A strangeness that doesn’t seem strange. “

The idea for the video clip was born in the head of guitarist Honza Juklík: during the ban on traveling between districts earlier this year, everyone had to shoot a home video on their mobile phones. The overall sound, except for the singing, was recorded only on a mobile phone, unlike the studio concept on the record, this version is completely acoustic. But in the end, the realization of the clip took a long time. “The boys were fast, only I got stuck for about half a year because I had the idea to play what the boys would record as a projection and then play myself as a projection. I couldn’t make time for that in the children’s home mode. And then it got stuck on the cut. Tomáš Bláha, with whom we like to work, also got to it after six months. So we finally release this lockdown clip into the world after a year, when the next lockdown is quite close, “ Unger reasoned. I enjoy the song with its scattered clutter of sounds and a certain playfulness or goofy. It doesn’t seem to fit into an otherwise gloomy album, but thanks to that, it also excels. Typical zrníkovský the clip impresses with its original, yet simple processing. Each part was done in their own way. The shots of Honza Unger remind me of the promo photos for the album, but also combinations of themes from the clips “Penalty” or “Let”. But what the hell is the lemon doing there? Who knows, but he’s a beautiful link anyway.