Razzor Custom Cases – transport packaging for Olympic, Three Sisters or Lenka Dusilová

The transport packaging from the Razzor Custom Cases workshop is unmissable on Czech music stages. They are decorated with, for example, comic stories or logos of bands in various colors and designs. Even before the covid, no one who stood by the Razzor Custom Cases brand would have thought that after a year, their transport packaging would be used by bands such as Olympic, Tři sestry, singer Lenka Dusilová or guitarist Ewa Farná Lukáš Chromek. Despite its short company history, it is now one of the largest customers of components for the production of transport packaging in the Czech Republic and is penetrating the industrial sector. In addition, they are looking for more workers to expand production.

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“We’ve tried to make times before, but it wasn’t until the covid period that changed everything.” describes Tomáš Novák, technical director of Kytary.cz, who is behind Razzor Custom Cases. Kytary.cz helped people from the music industry during the lockdown. It was their experience that gave the brand a new direction. “For example, we hired sound engineer Luděk Špilauer, who rode with Václav Neckář. He used similar transport packaging himself, so he eliminated a lot of technical imperfections and basically created a completely different construction system. Thanks to that, the packaging is light, yet very durable.” adds Novák. In addition, the very effective cooperation of the new Razzor Custom Cases brand with the parent company Kytarami.cz has proved its worth from the very beginning. “On the one hand, we started selling these products in our stores and e-shops, which helped us a lot to get started. In addition, we have almost all types of tools and equipment in stock. So our customers don’t have to bring us the equipment to measure them.” says marketing director of Kytary.cz Filip Černý.

Razzor Custom Cases
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The Razzor Custom Cases workshop initially produced only three shipping containers per month. He now makes about sixty in the same period. “We knew from the beginning that we didn’t want to cut plywood on our knees. So first we rented CNC machines and now we have our own.” adds Novák, who is not catching up due to great interest and is looking for new colleagues to help. And what are the most interesting packages built by Razzor Custom Cases so far? “It was a package for a whole and unassembled drum kit. Which is a very impractical thing, but a challenge. I once got a package order for a model railroad, with a double bottom. I thought the man was ordering it to transport the model to exhibition, but the reason was simpler. He wanted to take the trains with him on holiday to Croatia. “ concludes Novák, who would like to focus on the construction of packaging outside the music field in the future.