Revisando a Frank Zappa – Zoot Allures

It is a pity that we speak little of a genius like Zappa in our pages, so I think that today we have to talk about the most famous mustache after Groucho Marx.

Frank Zappa has been one of the greatest guitarists of the 20th century, among many other things; talking about his musical career would take up many pages, so I will focus on the main thing. This indescribable genius has traveled through his enormous discography (more than 50 works) through multiple styles within rock until he reached Jazz. Zappa was also a total anti-drug like Robert Fripp’s buzz; Any musician who consumed the slightest joint was quickly expelled. Good old Frank was also a mentor and godfather to future music greats and many passed through the ranks of his band, from Jean Luc Ponty violin teacher to Lowell George slide magician, George Duke on keyboards and a long etcetera. Emphasize that the virtuoso guitarist Steve Vai began to play the guitar in Zappa’s group, in such a way that he wrote parts of his songs specifically to be played by Vai and they were united by a great friendship that was reflected in many albums. Zappa also disputes the title of having given birth to the first concept album with his album “Freak Out”.

He was unique, from his portentous personality to his incredible musical and political ideas, we must not forget that he presented his candidacy for the presidency of the United States. And, close to the day of his death, he went on to win a Grammy for his album “Jazz from Hell.”

In his extensive discography we can find undisputed masterpieces within his discography: “Hot Rats”, “Apostrophe”, “Joe’s Garage”, “Sleep Dirt” and, of course, “Zoot Allures”, without a doubt one of his most accessible albums. which ended up being his only release for the Warner Bros label due to a lawsuit with his former manager Herb Cohen and Zappa’s contract with DiscReet Records. “Zoot Allures” is a work where the virtuoso drummer Terry Bozzio and his friend Captain Beefheart clothe him with the harmonica, although it is not credited. The songs are structured in a unique way with some nod to Carlos Santana for whom Zappa always felt great admiration.

Humor is always present in Frank’s music along with sexual allusions as the song “The Torture Never Stops” testifies. An album where Dada is mixed with his musical lucidity, capable of fusing the most incredible styles and coming out unscathed from such carom. This album will take you on a marathon tour around the world from which the impressive live show “In New York” will be released. As another great anecdote on this album, to say that Zappa used the guitar that Jimi Hendrix burned on May 18, 1968. Frank had it restored and after using it in “Zoot Allures” he gave it to his son Dweezil.