Romantica songs tell a love story

The Roman singer-songwriter Mass back on the musical scene with a new album of unreleased songs. From September 17, 2021 is available on all platforms of streaming e digital download the disc Romantic.

L’album (Bomb Disks) comes three years after the release of the debut album Touch. Romantic – dice Mass – And “a record that must be listened to at night because there is a precise moment, when others are asleep, in which everything, every desire, every alternative, every life suddenly becomes possible and the knots of all those fears that do not make us during the day are untied not even try. At night we are able to confide in each other, to listen and to come to terms with what we never talk about; as if the darkness hid even our shadows better, especially from ourselves“.

Romantic is a ballad album, with a nocturnal soul. Written and conceived by Mass especially during the night, the disc is affected by the dreamlike and dark atmospheres, but it is also pop and characterized by a great attention to melody and lyrics. It is, in short, a “romantic” album in both meanings: the literary one for the attitude and the sentimental one for the content.

The eight tracks that make up the LP are all love songs that describe the different phases of a love story. Each phase is a two-sided coin: there is both emotion and disappointment, both the ability to dream and the pain of rejection. The songs on the album feature intimate and reflective lyrics, as well as tight rhythmic and catchy choruses. Romantic it is a sincere work, with which Mass it reveals its soul and gives the listener the precise coordinates of its interiority.


On the occasion of the release of Romantic, We reached Mass to talk about his new record. Here’s what he told us.

Interview at Mass

Hello Mèsa. A few days ago your second album of unreleased titles was released Romantic. It’s been three years since your debut album Touch. Are you excited for the publication of your work?

I’m very excited, maybe even more than the first album! Precisely because all these years have passed and it is a record that I have worked on a lot also from an emotional point of view.

Romantic consists of 8 tracks which are all love songs. Why did you choose to tackle this topic and focus only on this feeling?

It was not a real choice, in that period of my life I needed to express feelings that I eviscerated as if I were in therapy. It was all very spontaneous and absolutely natural. In the end I think all songs are about love, even those of hate.

The lyrics and music of the songs are written by you. What does it mean to be a songwriter today?

For me it means speaking in the most sincere way I feel and communicating positive feelings, hoping to be understood and speaking to as many people as possible by telling my story and my experience.

You revealed that the record was written and conceived during the night, just as it should be listened to at night. How did you choose the 8 songs that became part of Romantic? Was it an instinctive choice or were you guided by a particular intention?

They are all songs that speak of a period of my life and each one faces different facets, they seemed to me coherent with each other and that they told a story from beginning to end. Although it is a rather short record but I feel I have said everything I felt I could communicate.

The first song from the record was Romantic, followed by animated and finally in June from the third single Stomach. Do you think they are the most representative songs on the album?

“Romantica” made sense as a first release and as a title track summarizes the whole concept and meaning of the album. As for “Animal” it is a very pop song compared to what I used to do before, I liked to show this perfected aspect of my writing. “Stomaco” was instead the first track ever written, it has a decidedly more rock look that creates a connection with the sounds of “Touché”. They are all stylistically representative, but these three have three different aspects and are linked to each other in a particular way.


Romantic is the title-track and it is also the first track of the disc. It is an intense yet delicate ballad. Do you think it reflects you? Do you feel romantic?

Absolutely yes, it is a double romanticism that encompasses both the talk of love and literary romanticism and all that emotional upheaval that comes from feeling in a certain way with a more negative meaning, with a reflexivity and melancholy on both points. of view that represent me.

The second song, A place, speaks of those places that remain forever linked to someone. Is there a place you are particularly attached to? What is it and why?

In general, the sea is a place that calms me a lot, where I feel in contact with myself in a particular way, there is a strong bond in my lyrics that often refer to that dimension, it was also felt in my first album.

Stomach it speaks of recognizing yourself in the person you meet, because you immediately feel you have a connection. However, the song also speaks of the horoscope. Do you believe that the stars influence our life? Has it ever happened to you that something predicted by the horoscope was then realized?

Many times! I am not a fanatic of the horoscope and astrology, but I often read it and it happened to me several times to see myself in what I read. He often told me a lot of things about the music and the new record, maybe I saw them there, I like to believe that it is so …

Then follows the piece In ancient Greek. It is a particular title: how was it born?

In this song the ancient Greek speech is a small detail of the song, a contrast to “Romantica” where the title is redundant in the piece. I liked giving a weird title because I think it might intrigue, it’s about a tattoo in Greek letters and I think sometimes giving importance to seemingly insignificant details can work.

The fifth track on the album is It glitters, which you described as “a banal love song that says all that glitters is gold“. But is it really that trivial?

Maybe this shouldn’t be me saying! It is a love song with more dreamy aspects than the others. Talk a little about that euphoric feeling you get when you’re in love and feel like you can do anything and be whoever you want. I don’t think love is trivial and so I hope the song isn’t either.

The disc continues with animated, which is a song about physical attraction and instinct inviting to be more spontaneous and less rational. Do you consider yourself more instinctive or rational? Was there any occasion in which you let yourself be guided by instinct or did you follow reason, but then you regretted it?

I am very rational, but I have a streak of madness that leads me to do things that are apparently reckless, but which I have certainly never regretted. I believe that the important thing is always knowing how to alternate and have a balance between instinct and reason.

In Irene, do you sing: “Let me guess / You want to run away like in Polynesia / Instead to feel good it would be enough for me to go shopping with you“. What are the little things in life that bring you joy or satisfaction?

In “Irene” I sing that to feel good you don’t have to go to the end of the world if you are with the right person. Even doing the stupidest things in the everyday routine becomes special. I love the little things: seeing my family or having a beer with my flatmates when we come back in the evening and tell each other about our days.

Do you think there are any secrets to making a love story go well?

In my opinion the secret is to miss yourself, to know how to take your time keeping the right distances. This way you avoid getting burned and sometimes a heavy addiction can be the factor that burns a story ahead of time.

The album ends with 800 km, song that says that distance means almost nothing. The text reads: “Had I not met you it would have been better but I would know half of it“. Is there any encounter that you feel was fundamental for you, in your life and / or for your music?

In reality the two things are not so divided because in the end music is my life, on the other hand if Federica had not lived a particular period of her life Mèsa would not have written “Romantica”. I think anyone can help you write something, inspire you or push you, especially in a time like the one we’ve just been through. For me, even a friend who gives me advice can change my life and be fundamental to the music I make.

Romantic it just came out, but what awaits you now? Are there any projects you can reveal to us?

There are dates on the horizon, the first announced is at the Mei di Faenza on October 2nd in which we will finally return to the stage, we will then share those on the disc hoping that we can really start again and get into the life of before carrying this album around.