Romina Falconi Maybe live the text and meaning of a song “Never a joy”

Romina Falconi Maybe you live text and meaning of the new single written with Roberto Casalino which comes two years after the catchphrase Maybe you die.

To understand the twilight-solar world of Romina just read the way in which the singer-songwriter tells herself in her biography …


Born in the colorful Torpignattara (ancient district of Rome), I grow up quite quickly learning that life is a mozzico and is also a little tyrannical.

Despite the difficulties I learn to sing and write songs and from the piano bar I am catapulted into the wonderful world of ShowBiz.

Having a way of writing as crude as it is sparkling, musical realities struggle to handle me (some don’t really think about it), but since I’m ambitious I decide to open my own label with my historical friends (Freak & Chic Srl) so I can do as I please.

As an independent I gave birth to two albums:
-Some Dreams Are Made Through A Thread Of Hatred
– Biondology (the art of walking with ease on the edge of an abyss)

The latter allowed me to advance strongly in the world of music convinced that yes: that of the singer-songwriter is really my job.

Two years ago a single that allowed me to sing in many places: Magari Muori feat Taffo

And so after the Reggaetomb adventure of Maybe you die, a real hymn to life although the title may make you think differently, with a pandemic in the way, it’s time to change perspective …


Maybe you live comes out on July 9 for Freak&Chic with distribution Artist First, and marks the beginning of a collaboration destined to continue over time … the one with the singer-songwriter and author of many Italian hits (from Never forget me e November per Giusy Ferreri a The Essential per Marco Mengoni passing through Talk to me softly and many others for Emma) Roberto Casalino.

After Biondology, an album that became a little cult without the help of sparkling majors or duets, e Maybe Die in partnership with Taffo Funeral Services, after many participations Diversity Awards, and the role of godmother and host of several Pride (the last one in Milan this June 26th) for the summer of 2021 the bad luck sings us, that ‘never a joy‘that we often say to each other in a soft voice, a hymn to bad luck because whatever happens it will find us on the ground but laughing.

Here’s how he talks about it Romina

This is a hymn to take life like this (everything depends on how and where, to be decided at will).

We children of never a joy, ready to smile even if everything goes wrong.
We who also apologize if we fall.
We who think that the lawyer, Mr. Murphy, was an optimist.

This is meant to be a hymn to courage, an invitation to a duel for all life coaches who believe that it is enough to want things from her.

There are those who have an amazing lucky star, and effortlessly get everything, and those who have a lucky star who are a guy. A nice guy.

We are kissed by luck but more frequently screwed wildly by bad luck, we will never give up and we will always look for a signal that makes us change our minds. We will laugh anyway.

Written together with His Casalinity- Roberto Casalino (renowned creator of undying hits) and produced by the skilled hands of a producer with counter-so: Marco Zangirolami.

With a certain arrogance, albeit passionately hopeful, we show you our hymn. Welcome to Brutalism! MAYBE LIVE“.