Santoianni “I have no saints in heaven” is the new album by “Santautore”

Santoianni I have no saints in heaven is the title of the new unreleased album by “Santautore” (as he ironically defines himself because of his surname), out Friday 7 January per Iobohdischi/ADA Music Italy. The single will also be released at the same time as the album 15 seconds.

The Milanese singer-songwriter has just returned from a 2021 that saw him start a new sound journey alongside the producer Spring.

In the year just ended he released the singles Rest station (used by Mediaset as the soundtrack of the commercial of the celebratory cycle for the 30-year career of Leonardo Pieraccioni), Coastline, Exit (song among the most broadcast of the summer on Radio Zeta) e Flat rate, in duet with The Andre.

Now for Santoianni the time has come to collect all these songs, along with three unreleased tracks, in his third album, I have no saints in heaven. A project that could be considered his third debut album given the long career of the artist who saw him debut as a teenager, in 2010, with a swing cover disc and a major record, returning as a singer-songwriter in 2019 with I was born earlier, and now to find the perfect square between direct but at the same time refined lyrics, and a sound rooted in contemporary indie pop.

Santoianni I have no saints in heaven

The album sees production Spring, assisted by the same Santoianni, the recording supervision of Massimiliano Long while mixes and masters were handled by Domenico Vigliotti per Sonic Temple Studio. Here’s how the singer-songwriter talks about it …

The title I have no saints in heaven it contains within it the world contained in the story of the individual tracks, made up of awareness, acceptance of reality and even a bit of cynicism. A representation of what it means in 2022 to still have the desire and strength to write and publish songs. The desire to continue, despite everything, to believe in the power of music, of words.

I chose the title I have no saints in heaven because I wanted it to already perceive the complex world behind the artistic and emotional realization of the record.

For me it represents a concept that links the story and the state of mind with which I wrote the songs to the context in which an independent singer-songwriter and his entire team work today.

I have no saints in heaven it is truly an independent project, built on the skills of people who love each other and who believe in the power of songs. Inside there are no schemes, no formulas. There are many ideas of people with different artistic and life backgrounds, who have put in the best of their possibilities and abilities. Without the help of anyone but only with the strength of their dreams.

This is the complete tracklist of the digitally released disc on January 7, 2022. All the songs were written by Santoianni and composed of Donato same with Spring.

  1. Penalty
  2. Rest station
  3. 15 seconds
  4. Package feat. The Andre
  5. Coastline
  6. Exit
  7. Danger

The album comes out only in digital format as, as the singer-songwriter states “I wanted to collect a year’s deconstruction and construction work. The definitive tracklist lacks some songs that will be released in the coming months, only at that point, when it is complete, if the physical format still exists, we will think about it …