Singing chef Přemek Forejt can pleasantly surprise not only in the kitchen. He proves it with the clip “Please”

Ivo Jahelka = singing lawyer. Přemek Forejt = singing chef. I remember how attractions in the form of a singing Vietnamese stallholder traveled around the Hrady CZ festival for several years, even though he was more of a rarity and a bizarre to attract boarders. Fortunately, Forejt doesn’t need anything like that. The successful chef, the owner of the renowned Entrée restaurant and the juror from the popular TV show MasterChef is increasingly penetrating the music industry. About a year ago, he surprised a famous voice in Your Face, where he dared Justin Timberlake. After his debut song “Stella”, written to him by Petr Harazin from Heaven and dedicated to his daughter, he comes up with another song “Please”. Once again, he cooperated with the mentioned Havířov formation. Her frontman is behind the text again, this time he invited the young Ostrava musician Nike Vopalecka, a student at the prestigious Boston Music College Berklee. The song was produced by Johny Rainbow (Honza Balcárek from Light & Love).

“We sat down with the boys, and since I enjoy singing and it seems like a great relaxation and a hobby for my work, I decided to continue it,” says the beginning singer, who in the case of his second single exchanged Czech for English. “I really enjoy the songwriter James Bay. When Peter asked me what genre I wanted to sing, it occurred to me that this position would suit me like a shell.” adds.

“The lyrics are about a person returning home, because at home there is everything he wants to surround himself with in his life. “Because I think we’re alike. We both make a living from what we love, we both find our loves of life, and we both have everything nicely balanced shortly in our thirties.” said Harazin. The accompanying video was shot by Martin Švec and Štěpán Petrů. They actually caught him only how the whole band plays the song in the attic of the house, in front of the stove or in the garden, but the result is hilarious and domestic pleasantly underlines the mood of the song. Only time will tell if Přemek Forejt just bounced off the plate, or if he will release the whole album, or at least sing a duet with his partner Eva Burešová. “Please” is a nice thing anyway, better than the first one, more tasteful. And certainly not only women will agree with me that there are never enough charismatic singers, among whom Forejt could imagine.