Six Songs to Discover the Brazilian Scene of Bedroom Pop

As the name suggests, bedroom pop [‘pop de quarto’, em tradução livre] is the creation of music at home, specifically, in the bedroom. Although it has gained a lot of strength throughout the pandemic, the genre does not present a new concept, quite the contrary; songs made and produced in home spaces have been around for decades.

Bruce Springsteen, for example, recorded some songs at home on a handheld device in early 1982, as Greg Milner recounts in the book Perfecting sound forever (2010). For the final mix, he used a boom box – and the musician tucked the cassette into his denim jacket pocket. Despite not being preserved with adequate protection, the recording yielded Nebraska, album released at the end of that year.

In fact, bedroom pop flirts a lot with the proposal of lo-fi (simplified, pop music in low definition). Still, the style focuses on the idea of ​​sound warmth, with an aesthetic flooded by softness and exposure of vulnerabilities, which makes the genre satisfactorily identitary.

On Brazilian soil, the style is reinvented based on Brazilianities, which directly influence the musical proposal. Despite keeping its particularities, the genre gains new meanings with a more multiple sound — and brings sensitive representatives in Brazil. With that in mind, we’ve listed six songs to get to know the country’s bedroom pop scene.

Matheus Who – It happens

Forerunner of bedroom pop in Brazil, Matheus presented the debut of his career in 2021, The Fold In Space-Time. It happens, the delicate track that integrates the album, significantly represents the aesthetics of the genre, and plays with the homemade lo-fi and hi-fi of the studio production.

Clarissa – Is it over there

Even the most agitated songs from Clarissa’s discography, such as nothing against (jealousy), overflow the artist’s softness. In the eponymous EP, and the debut of her career, the singer revisited the vulnerabilities – a usual characteristic of the style – and, among the tracks, Is it over there manages to grandly synthesize the proposal of the genre.

Belina – we have nothing to do

Formed by Gabriel Moulin, Gabriel Diaz and Bruno Mozelli, belina brings the singularities of bedroom pop in a unique way, adding Brazilian and dancing sounds. With that, he does a visceral and authentic work. |we have nothing to do represents that original identity of the band.

Choraz – I believed alone

Choraz (Dyonata Brendo) knows how to make an impressive combination of bedroom pop aesthetics with Brazilianness. For the debut album, The Best of Our Lives, bet on a mix of home studio production and partners; and the opening track, I believed alone, is a sure invitation to go deeper into the developments of the genre in Brazil.

Sofi Frozza – Epicurus

With a discography mostly produced by cell phones, Sofi Frozza is a highlight in the creation of bedroom pop. The singer overflows the aesthetic throughout the songs: softness in the lyrics, vocals and sound. Epicurus is a perfect example of the artist’s representation of the genre.

HERE is Gab Ferreira – Summer Lover

Although both artists flirt more with dream pop and bet more on intense soundscapes with synthesizers, the partnership in Summer Lover concentrates a strong bedroom pop aesthetic. The track significantly adds to the sensitive and affable setting on Brazilian soil.

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