tha Supreme against Blanco … the Producer starts the controversy

tha Supreme posted today on his page Instagram a controversial post towards an artist who, from what the Producer says, is inspired by him but, after having been successful, tried to disguise this thing even coming to stop following him on social networks … the artist in question is White.

An unusual outburst from Davide Mattei, this is the real name of tha Supreme, which usually appears little on social media and only to talk about their projects.

“The Supreme” has not actually revealed the name of the artist he is addressing in his post but he let the music listeners do it for him. This following is the image posted by tha Supreme.

In the photos below, the Producer then posted dozens of screenshots of people pointing White as the object of his dig.

But let’s read together the hard outburst and disappointment of tha Supreme.

Tha supreme against blanco

Here are the words of Davide:

I really appreciate if someone is inspired by me, it is perhaps the most beautiful form of admiration and I can only take it well when I listen to someone do it without hiding, it’s cool, but this is not the case; who does it trying to hide probably even from himself that I exist, who becomes burgundy in interviews if my aka is named, who takes away the “follow” hoping to eliminate the traces, who looks away with the people close to me, he is definitely not part of that circle, he does not deserve my respect

I hate doing these things, even if people already know it and will tell me that there was no need to do it, so try to imagine this thing and to interpret the level of madness behind it all: imagine being with a relative at dinner who in a casual moment says he heard you at the supermarket in a song in which, after having shazamed it, you are not in the title. lol. the same “relative” who saw me grow up and write my first album, my first songs. a little sad

All that remains is to see if White he will respond to this attack or drop it into the void.

In the meantime, the young hitmaker of 2021 in February 2022 will take the stage of the Sanremo Festival alongside Mahmood. Stage on which also tha Supreme he tried to go up this year according to the Rumors: in fact the producer should have directed the orchestra in his sister’s song Mara Sattei if this had been chosen by Amadeus.