tha Supreme new single coming … “M% n” out on October 22nd

tha Supreme new single out Friday 22 October 2021.

The supreme, as defined by many, including Hell Raton, is about to come back with new music.

After giving birth this summer to a new alter ego, yungest Moonstar, name with which he released the single A RIGHT DIRECTION with Neffa (the song is a reprise of the songwriter’s success, Away from your sun), which earned him the platinum certification, and a new song, Blu, now Davide Mattei is ready for new music.

With his alter ego, tha Supreme, the young Roman artist born in 2001 proved to be one of the most influential Producers and rappers of the new Italian scene. To date tha Supreme has only one album to his credit, 23 6451, a project released in 2019 and certified with a triple platinum record.

Between singles, albums and collaborations to date Davide has collected 36 platinum records and 15 gold records, producing, among other things, the likes of Salmo, Shiva, Dani Faiv, Nitro, IZI, Mydrama, Ghali, Casadilego in addition to his sister Mara Sattei.

Now it’s finally time for new music …

Tha supreme new single

The supreme he does not like to show himself and hides behind an avatar with a purple hood, halo and horns (but he appeared showing his face on the occasion of his collaboration on the album Person from Marracash). In the days he anticipated the release of his single with a series of promo videos.

In the first, he declared that he wanted to “activate a little on Instagram by being the influencer. So you stop with the story that I never let me see, that I do not.”

In the second, his avatar, sitting on the moon while talking on the phone, admitted that he has been a bit out of Italy but is ready to return.

The third video frames him while he writes a message on his mobile phone from space: “We finally succeeded, I found a way to bring my music back to earth. The 22 should arrive, if you can find it upload it to all platforms, I would be grateful“.

And finally tha Supreme revealed everything. Friday 22 October his new single comes out, Moon. Or rather, as he writes it M%n.


Coming October 22nd