the artist with the mask who puts music at the center of everything

Andreotti released her third studio album, Takeover!. Written, produced and played by the artist himself, it was then mixed and mastered at the VDSS Studio Recording gives Filippo Strang.

Takeover! is an old-fashioned record, which ranges in a transversal way from a pop songwriter to Marco’s Mac, to the psychedelic rock of the former Tame Impala.

An irreverent gaze, which among hyperbolic lucubrations, surreal metaphors and schizophrenic images portrays the mere artistic depravity of a mad dreamer.

“You want to post, you want to overdo it,
Do you want to toast under the sun of the winners … do you want something banal? “.
Andreotti sings in Ballerina with a clear reference to the world of social networks and a certain propensity to pursue more and more often a certain model considered “winning” by the masses.

Andreotti intones Bukowski in You will grow old.
“You will grow old and you already know that summer does not last forever, usually it gives up and goes… but I won’t be there.
I have less serious projects to pursue and then, you know, I’d drown myself rather than dinners with your parents ”.

And yet caustic and merciless for the provincial petty bourgeoisie in Troublesome drunkenness, fourth track of the record, says:
“And in the meantime, move Fernando, show us your high
show us how low a man can fall
you who are the joy of these people, of those who have a depressing life
oh yes now dance, always smile and then dance
what a beautiful party, it’s just a pity that my balls aren’t made of papier-mâché ”.

An unashamedly “vintage” sound characterizes the music of Andreotti: intimate recordings on seventies tape recorders and a certain lo-fi streak. The listener is thus catapulted into another dimension, dreamy in some ways, psychedelic in others.

andreotti, The tracklist of Takeover!

  1. Marc
  2. You will grow old
  3. Ballerina
  4. Troublesome drunkenness
  5. Blue Shirt
  6. Sefossibaudo…bauderei
  7. Cunnilingus Psychedelics
  8. Winter
  9. Christmas