the association dedicated to the Pooh drummer is born

A year ago he passed away Stefano D’Orazio, drummer who together with Pooh made the history of Italian music. Now, a year later, theAssociation dedicated to him.

The purpose of theAssociation is to establish a pole of excellence in the artistic-musical-entrepreneurial sector. The project is aimed at young talented artists; and is inspired by a phrase of the same Stefano D’Orazio: “I wish I could help spark enthusiasm and attention to someone who deserves a successful success story like mine“.

One of the first projects ofStefano D’Orazio Association it will be the establishment of an academy of high professional and entrepreneurial training for young artists. Within the academy there will be artistic and musical training activities related to music, singing, writing and acting; as well as entrepreneurial training activities related to artistic management, marketing and communication, and technological innovation. The initiative aims to be an instrument of social and cultural integration, with innovative and growth potential for the economic, employment and social system.

L’Stefano D’Orazio Association aims to organize, in Italy and in the world, programs and events of live music, literature, poetry to spread their values ​​to the new generations, to promote respect for the environment and gender equality and to tell, preserve and enhance the Italian historical-artistic heritage. All with the absence of political purposes.

Furthermore, theAssociation provides a series of ancillary activities, such as the organization of events and prizes, also for the purpose of tourist, cultural and historical-artistic promotion, fundraising, productions, editions, recordings, rental of rehearsal rooms and finally a traveling exhibition linked to the extraordinary career of the Pooh.

For more information, you can visit the website of theStefano D’Orazio Association.