The best 10 songs in history

It is difficult to imagine a fight between the best musicians in history, but Rolling Stone magazine compiled a list of the 500 best songs of all time and published it for the first time in 2004, highlighting authentic works of art.

In the first positions are located groups like Nirvana and The Beatles; also the soloists Aretha Franklin and Chuck Berry, “The queen of soul” and “The father of rock and roll”, respectively. These 10 songs made their way to the top of the Billboard Hot 100, as the best-selling singles in the United States and reached worldwide popularity.

We share the best 10 songs of all time, according to Rolling Stone.

1 Like a Rolling Stone – Bob Dylan
Published on July 20, 1965. It is considered the famous song of the American interpreter. It is also a milestone for music, it has a revolutionary sound, guitar, harmonica, piano, drums and even Dylan mixes his voice on different occasions. The lyrics are inspired by a poem Dylan wrote during a tour of England. The theme had a huge impact on popular culture and the rock genre. His success made Dylan a universal star.

2 Satisfaction – The Rolling Stones
The British group led by Mick Jagger is considered one of the most influential bands in the entire history of rock, they stand out for laying the foundations of contemporary rock. This song released in 1965 led them to conquer the international public and began a new stage in the band, their music became a new form of provocation and rebellion. It won him fans all over the world.

3 Imagine – John Lennon
After starting his career with The Beatles, he launched himself as a soloist, marking great successes with firm step, the greatest of which is this song that the British wrote in 1971. In its publication, Rolling Stone magazine considered it “the greatest musical gift for world ”, also praised its serene melody; the smooth chord progression and that striking piano figure that accompany his performance.

4 What’s Going On – Marvin Gaye
This song was recorded by the American on June 1, 1970 with the musical group “Funk Brothers”, although it was released a year later. It emerged during a tour in May 1969 when “Four Tops” member Renaldo “Obie” Benson witnessed police brutality against a group of youth protesting the Vietnam War in the event known as “Bloody Thursday”. The composer presented it to Gaye, who incorporated his melody and arrangements. It is considered a protest song.

5 Respect – Aretha Franklin
Curiously, the magazine’s list includes few female entries, but it is not surprising that the “queen of soul” sneaks into the top 10 with this song considered a hymn of feminine strength. The subject earned the interpreter international recognition. It was published in 1967, but was originally written and performed by artist Otis Redding.

6 Good Vibrations – Beach Boys
The band’s creative leader, Brian Wilson, inspired the theme in the stories his mother told him when he was just a child. The recording and production style represented an innovation in music, due to the way in which the mixes were made, including sound collages of different types. The song was released in 1966 and is considered a psychedelic and experimental track. The single belongs to the album “Smiley Smile” that achieved platinum status for its sales.

7 Johnny B. Goode – Chuck Berry
The legacy of this song is very strong. It is recognized as one of the most influential in the history of music. Artists like AC / DC and Jimmi Hendrix covered it. Chuck Berry launched it at the height of rock and roll, in 1958, the artist is considered a pioneer of the genre. Rolling Stone magazine also included him in its list of the best musical artists and as the best sixth guitarist in history. The solo of this song has been applauded by musicians of different generations and also served as an inspiration for other stars.

8 Hey Jude – The Beatles
Paul McCartney is said to have written the subject to comfort John Lennon’s son Julian after his parents’ divorce. It has a piano melody by McCartney. It was one of the longest songs in the industry, at more than seven minutes, dating back to 1968. The original manuscript of this song was auctioned for $ 910,000 last year.

9 Smells Like Teen Spirit  – Nirvana
It is the most recent song in the top 10 on this list, released in 1991. Considered the anthem of 90s music. It was the first single from “Nevermind.” This song revived the popularity of rock and opened up the alternative genre. It was also included in the top 10 of the best Rolling Stones guitar songs. It stands out as one of the most famous of the grunce genre, which made Nirvana stand out.

10 What’d I Say – Ray Charles
One of the best artists of all time, for his way of fusing soul with blues and hit. Accompanied by the piano, saxophone and his unique voice, which consolidated him as a musical genius. This song, released in 1959, has a powerful introduction, then gives way to the voice of the interpreter, unleashing a complete party and musical revolution.