the concerts would not return for now – Rock & Pop

The changes to the Step by Step Plan have given much to talk about, especially regarding activities such as cinema, theater and, of course, concerts.

Because of this and through a statement, the Chilean Society of Musical Authors and Interpreters (SCD) affirmed that the capacity changes in practice “they would not facilitate the return of the activity in the Transition Phase ”.

Similarly, Rodrigo Osorio, president of SCD, added that “The established capacity for the Transition Phase they still seem to us to be extremely restrictive and do not allow a development that makes our activity viable“.

In theory the changes of the Step by Step Plan, although it establishes greater capacity, these would not be enough to cover the necessary costs that a concert entails. Osorio in this regard points out that at least in the transition phase it is impossible to do a concert:

The complete vaccination scheme will allow only 50 people in closed spaces and 100 in open spaces, which makes it very difficult to cover the costs of an event and establish a planning that considers the possibility of changing from phase 2 to 3, and vice versa ”.

When could the concerts come back?

In phase three or of preparation the capacity increases to 1,000 people in open spaces, if they have a mobility pass; in phase four or of initial opening It amounts to 5,000 people in open spaces, having a complete vaccination schedule.

Regarding this, the president of the SCD states that concerts will not be able to take place, it is difficult to plan an event without being certain that the phase will be maintained over time.

In addition, Osorio He criticized that the change of plan fell short. Considering that the target population vaccinated in Chile reaches almost 80%, the musician thinks that the capacity could have been increased much more.

The United States and some European countries have carried out massive events with a smaller target population vaccinated.

“We thought this announcement was the opportunity to follow a similar approach, which not only would it have made sense in a country that is close to 80% of the target population vaccinated, but it would also have constituted an excellent incentive for people to continue being vaccinated “ Osorio stated.

His statements are correct, because in the United States, as it was in the case of Foo Fighters at Madison Square Garden in New York, there were around 15 thousand people vaccinated.

Foo Fighters En Madison Square Garden / Nueva York (2021)
Créditos: Foo Fighters Facebook

The industry crisis

With almost 16 months without being able to generate events or income in the activity, Osorio hopes that the vaccination process will advance; consequently, allowing more capacity and a possible return of the concerts.

The return of these events, in the words of the president of the SCD, is the only option to end this acute crisis that Chilean artists live after the pandemic.