The creators of “Cobra Kai” could never afford to use “Thunderstruck” from AC / DC

Songs are usually part of the musical undertones of films and series. Many times they are written directly for the title, sometimes they are completely new songs, other times they are famous hits. But not every creator can afford to have exactly the musical accompaniment they would like. The authors have recently confided in the hitherto unfulfilled desire to use the legendary hit “Thunderstruck” by AC / DC in a scene. karatistického series “Cobra Kai”. One of Netflix’s current biggest hits a few days ago introduced the fourth series, with the streamer extending it to season five. Rock music plays a big role in “Cobra Kai”, so when promoting the current episodes, one of the creators of the show, Jon Hurwitz, confided that their big dream is to use this hit by Australian rockers. But not only that. The song itself has been written into the script several times, but it has never happened before that they have enough money left in their budget to really use it. In the current series, the song was to appear in a montage of training sessions, but the music director of the series, Michelle Johnson, eventually reached for it cheaper variant in the form of the song “Breakin ‘Outta Hell” by another Australian band Airbourne. And what would Hurwitz’s fulfilled musical dreams look like? If it were possible, the soundtrack of all episodes would consist mainly of songs from AC / DC, Bon Jovi or Guns N ‘Roses. Even so, in the show we can hear famous melodies from other rock greats, there were also hits from Mötley Crüe, Poison, Journey, Foreigner or REO Speedwagon. In connection with the budget for the music side of the series, we can mention, for example, the title “After the Life” of Ricky Gervais, who will also offer his third, final series on Netflix in a few days. The author recently confided that he received a virtually unlimited budget for the song base and did not have to make any compromises when choosing music. But the creators of “Cobra Kai” definitely don’t complain, they have lived with their series several times. after life. The show itself follows the film trilogy “Karate Kid” and was originally an original show on the YouTube Red platform. After its cancellation Cobra saved Netflix, where it unexpectedly became a huge hit.