The Czech nightingale will take off again after four years

When the organizers of Český slavík announced the temporary suspension of the poll four years ago, few people probably assumed that the vote for the most popular domestic performers would ever return. The last years have been accompanied by a number of controversies, including the disqualification of rapper Řezník in the Star of the Internet category or the removal of part of the points from the Ortel group. This year, however, the Czech Nightingale will enter its twenty-third year. The mathematician and social reformer Karel Janeček took him under his wing. “I am very happy to be able to help our music scene, prosecuted by excessive to irrational restrictions and to contribute to the renaissance of the largest Czech music poll, whose name was invented in 1962 by Ladislav Smoljak,” said.

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He promises that some changes will take place. “A fair vote according to the D21 voting method will allow people to better express their preferences and thus bring fair and unifying results of the competition, which I consider to be the family silver of Czech and Czechoslovak popular music,” outlines. In addition to Janeček, who acquired a majority stake in the organizing agency, producer Jakub Horák is behind the rebirth of the Slavic tradition. He took over the post of director of the survey from Jaroslav Těšínský, who, however, will continue to be the honorary director of Slavík and remains in close contact with the new creators. The ceremonial announcement of the results will take place in the second half of November on the TV Nova screens. Details of the form in which fans will vote will be announced by the organizers at a press conference on September 21. It is on this day that this year’s popularity competition – called Český slavík 21 – will start. Let us remind you that the last winners of the survey in 2017 were Kabát, Lucie Bílá and Karel Gott. The question of who (and if anyone at all) will replace the winner of forty-two golden nightingales in the category of singers on the throne, who has not been among us since 2019, will probably be the most attractive for the audience.