The dark rituals of the bands Belphegor and Batushka will be performed in Prague, Jaroměř and Ostrava

Another great connection, this autumn tour proudly called “Black Rituals”. Polish Orthodox icon Batushka on a joint tour with the dark Austrians Belphegor! We have no idea if the churches will burn, but the flames in your eyes will definitely! The joint tour planned three stops in the Czech Republic. It will start on Friday, November 26 at the Futurum Club in Prague, will continue on November 27 in Jaroměř (Nároďák) and will end at the Barrák Club in Ostrava on Sunday, November 28. Belphegor was founded in 1990 by guitarist Helmuth. But it took him almost 10 years to pull his squadron beyond his homeland. Since then, however, the dark commando has been pacing the continents of all continents and is constantly recruiting more faithful sheep into its herd, until in 2006 it landed with the giant Nuclear Blast. The devils of Salzburg are interested in the darkest aspects of witchcraft, demonology and nooks and crannies. These bloodthirsty wizards present themselves with high-speed black / death metal, which finds no way for any compromises. Much has been written about the frictions associated with the name and the group of Poles Batushka / BATTKA. But the truth is not always as simple as it may seem. So let’s focus on the music that is this BATUSHKA is fully dedicated. Two years from still common The album “Litourgiya” released the album “Hospodi”, followed by two other EPs, which open their musical path in more directions in a much more varied way. Emotions intensify, dynamics increase, but epic, doom-smelling black metal with choral songs and lyrics deeply immersed in Orthodoxy is, of course, a band trademark. The tour will be accompanied by three associations. Swedish blackened death metalists Diabolical are led by a former member of Demonical and Centinex and are full of energy, atmosphere and melody. Black / death is also played by the Swiss Impalement and will promote their debut. In the evening, they start the Almost Dead from the famous area dedicated to thrash. They come from the Bay Area and mix thrash, groove and hardcore. Tickets are available on the Obscure Promotion website.